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Knowing the DIMCOIN ecosystem

The universe of cryptocurrencies is in full expansion. Cryptocurrencies are digital exchange media that use cryptography and shared public books (blockchain). These features allow digital currencies to be safe, traceable and anonymous. Cryptography and the blockchain are also the bases for the creation, extraction and harvest of digital coins. The DIMCOIN is a new cryptocurrency, which together with its DIM pair provides access to the DIM Ecosystem, about which we will speak in this post.

The DIM (Data Exchange Module) is an altcoin that is available in two versions: DIMCOIN coins and DIM itself. The DIMCOIN is a speculative currency that can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies, while the value of the corresponding DIM currency is equivalent to the fiduciary currency from which is exchanged.

As they explain on their website,  DIM Ecosystem offers services such as cryptonization (virtualization) of shares, trading of shares and crypto-assets, exchanges of cryptocurrencies, exchanges of crypto-fiduciary currency, electronic commerce, debit card purchases, commercial transactions and trade in basic products.

The DIM and the DIM Ecosystem were created and operated by the DIM Foundation, funded by the ICO Crowdfunding campaign, granted to DIM TOKENs investors during its term in 2017. Based on the NEM blockchain technology, DIM offers a design unique two-tier system that uses the reputation of nodes, protection against spam and the infrastructure incentivized to guarantee secure and protected online transactions.

For its part, the DIMCOIN Foundation is a non-profit organization that is responsible for the creation, management and distribution of DIM (DIMCOIN and DIM coins) and DIM Token and is a central production center for DIM currencies. All the profits made by the foundation will be used to further improve the SID in order to increase its value.

The access tool to the DIM Ecosystem is the Depotwallet, an online wallet specifically designed to administer DIMCOIN and from which the user’s operations with cryptocurrency are handled.

The DIM cryptocurrency is based on the NEM block chain, which is based on the consensus mechanism called the importance test (POI). The POI is similar to the Stake Test (POS), with the main difference being that it integrates the confidence behavior to be positive for the whole economy, while the POS derives the importance of the balance of the user’s account.

During the ICO, 10 million token DIMs were issued. A token DIM is the equivalent of 100 DIMCOIN, each with a value of $ 0.01. The tokens represent a form of ownership of the DIM Ecosystem.

About Depowallet, as we already mentioned, this is a blockchain wallet that allows users to buy, sell, manage and maintain DIM cryptocurrencies and to encrypt assets. The wallet can be downloaded for free on the websites of DIMCOIN, Hybse and Depotwallet.

Anyone with a DEPOTWALLET account can send and accept DIMCOIN, which in turn will be available in all exchanges in which the XEM is included, which as we know, is the native currency of NEM.

To know more details and learn about how to invest with DIMCOIN, you can review their website and White paper.


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