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Among the most promising applications that blockchain technology is enhancing thanks to its adoption, are the areas of artificial intelligence and robotics. The development of these areas gives blockchain a place of first importance thanks to the appearance of platforms such as Keplertek, about which we will talk here.

Keplertek is defined as the first ecosystem of Artificial Intelligence and robotics developed on the basis of blockchain technology. They seek to develop a social networking platform that will help each person with innovative technological ideas to find and contact the appropriate workforce and form highly trained teams.

But Kepelrtek’s idea is not only in the contacts mission, but also support startups and inventors, helping them transform their creations and ideas into viable business plans and presenting these plans to potential investors.

The idea of ​​connecting inventors, companies with ventures in robotics and artificial intelligence, and qualified personnel with potential investors in a kind of social network and complete ecosystem, is an important step for the promotion of business and developments that accelerate the emergence of solutions for robotics and artificial intelligence for the different areas of domestic, business, and industrial everyday life.

Keplertek proposes its platform for a global investment market in robotics and artificial intelligence that will operate through a decentralized portal, managed by investors. Kepler will use data analysis and predictive algorithms to provide investors with unique investment opportunities through tokenized assets, that is, the representation in value tokens of tangible assets. The platform will guarantee the liquidity of these tokens backed by tangible assets such as land, construction works, high-tech laboratory equipment, products and even technical knowledge. With this it takes an interesting possibility to create real economic value and translate it into value tokens to encourage investment.

The KEPLER platform operates and develops in partnership with MIT’s Global Partner: Tech Park Georgia and GITA (Georgian Agency for Innovation and Technology). They have 550,000 square meters of land in Georgia, where they will build the infrastructure for KEPLER Lab, where they will carry out designs, robotics production and testing, incorporating the most advanced machinery and infrastructure necessary to create advanced prototypes in robotics. All this will be possible thanks to the partnership with Tech Park Georgia, thanks to the extension of the Tech Park Georgia facilities that Kepler managed to negotiate. This way, the feasibility of the platform in the practical field is assured.

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The native token of the platform is the KEP, an ERC20 token that will be the method to transparently invest in the platform and access the service ecosystem of the platform. The platform also will launch its ICO for the collection of leverage funds, and the referential value of the token will be 1 KEP = $ 1.25. The KEP value will never fall below $ 2. The KEP tokens will be available to trade on the exchange exchanges 5 days after the ICO end date.

To know more specific details of this platform, we recommend checking its White Paper, and to be updated about the ICO and new features of the platform, we recommend following them at their Telegram channel or their Bitcointalk thread.

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