Kelp DAO Closes $9M Private Funding Round to Drive Liquid Restaking Innovation

Kelp DAO Closes $9M Private Funding Round to Drive Liquid Restaking Innovation
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  • Kelp raised $9 million in its first private sale round.
  • SCB Limited and Laser Digital (subsidiary of Nomura Group) led the round.
  • The Protocol is a pioneer in liquid restaking solutions on Ethereum.

Kelp, the innovative liquid restaking platform, has taken a big step by raising $9 million in its first private sale round.

This capital injection, backed by high-profile investors in the crypto ecosystem, will propel Kelp to continue leading the way towards more accessible and beneficial restaking solutions for users.

The round was led by SCB Limited, a renowned Bahamas-based proprietary trading firm, and Laser Digital, the digital asset subsidiary of financial giant Nomura Group.

Additionally, it was backed by an impressive range of venture capital funds and angel investors, including Bankless Ventures, Hypersphere, Draper Dragon, DACM, Cypher Capital and many more.

What sets Kelp apart is its position as a pioneer in the development of liquid staking solutions built on EigenLayer.

In December 2023, they launched rsETH, the first liquid restaking token on the Ethereum mainnet, consolidating their leadership in this space.

Currently, the protocol enables liquid staking not only on the main chain, but also on 8 layer 2 networks, including Arbitrum, Optimism, Blast, Linea, Base and Scroll.

Kelp DAO closes $9 million private funding round

Vision and Exponential Growth of Kelp

With more than $850 million in Total Value Locked (TVL) and more than 45,000 active resters, this funding round highlights the confidence that crypto industry leaders have in the platform’s vision and commitment to improving the restaking landscape.

Dheeraj Borra, co-founder of Kelp, said:

“This raise not only boosts our operational capabilities, but also validates the vision we have for Kelp, which is now shared by our investors. We are excited to scale our solutions and further improve the user experience with their support.”

Empowered by these funds, the company is poised for dynamic growth and continued innovation.

They are committed to leading the evolution of restaking across diverse ecosystems and providing their users with scalable solutions.

With backing from renowned angel investors such as Scott Moore, Alex Svanevik, Sam Kazemian and Marc Zeller, as well as key community voices such as AshCrypto, SanyuanVC and Cryptodiffer, Kelp is well positioned to increase its visibility and presence in the market.


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