Justin Sun: TRON Withstands Large-Scale Attack

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Justin Sun, the TRON blockchain founder, announced today that the blockchain has been under massive attack and withstood it. He pointed to this incident as proof that TRON is heavily guarded against security issues. The attack was made during the upgrade period, and TRON is now live back and normal.

Resisting The Security Challenges

The latest tweet from Sun is no different from his past sayings, focusing on TRON blockchain’s features and benefits and promoting its capabilities. Although the network didn’t have a fundamental problem during attacks, Sun says they withstood a significant threat. He describes the situation like this:

“During the 4.1 version upgrade period, the #TRON Mainnet was attacked by a malicious contract on 2020.11.02 at 06:14 (HKT).”

The attackers have taken advantage of the authority given to contract developers. They have caused a problem in block production, but the network didn’t experience anything considerable. According to Sun:

“This attack uses the authority granted to the contract developer. The attacker initiated malicious transactions and caused the Super representative to suspend the production of blocks.”

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Justin Sun calls TRON the busiest blockchain network in the industry. Regardless of his claims, any pause or threat in block production in major blockchain networks can cause considerable problems for developers and users. Many dApp developers rely on the TRON network to run their products. Any pause in block production can mean a significant loss for some of them.

Because of the decentralized nature and community-driven mechanisms of blockchains like TRON, defending against attacks and fixing the problems happens very fast. The members help themselves by helping the blockchain as a whole. So, they immediately work on the issue, and this is what happened recently on TRON.

“#TRON community responded immediately, locating the problem and fixing it immediately, and working with super representatives to upgrade the nodes,” added Sun.

As mentioned before, the TRON blockchain’s recent attack didn’t cause any considerable harm to users and developers. The network became back to normal after some hours, and there is no news about capital loss or similar problems from users. Sun said the main network started to work normally at 08:29 (HKT), and the whole network returned to normal at 09:40.

Although TRON’s recent incident scared some of the users and developers, withstanding a big security attack can benefit the network regarding fame and user interest. Sun ended his tweet thread with this promotional sentence:

“Withstand this large-scale attack, once again proving that the #TRON network is the decentralized network with the most resilience and attack defense capabilities in the industry!”

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