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Justin Sun Apologies For Over Marketing His Launch with Warren Buffett

Justin Sun was faithful in affirming his belief in a crypto world

Though a successful businessman in the crypto space, Justin Sun footprint across the crypto sector has been murky and mannered with controversies. However, this time around it’s not a controversy but an apology to the crypto community.

After cancelling his much-hyped launch with Warren Buffett due to an illness a few days ago, Sun saw the need to apologize for his over marketing actions through a post on his Weibo account.

However, it’s quite a shame that after learning of his apology, interested parties won’t be able to read it. It has merged that Sun pulled down the apology from his Weibo account.


However, he said;

“I sincerely apologize to the public, regulators, media and officials who make up the crypto community for my over marketing actions. My intentions of having lunch with Buffet were out of my admiration for him and my love for supporting charity events, but that’s not it all. Alongside the latter, I also had my self-interest at heart and wanted to promote my project and the blockchain industry.”

He goes on says;

“However, all the above has culminated into the darkest moments in my life. Due to my big mouth, impulsive conducts, naivety and immature nature, my actions have culminated into worst nightmares, problems with regulators and some unexpected events. However, I sincerely apologize for my actions.”

Although Sun wrote his apology, his actions of cancelling the lunch with Buffett not only created a problem for him but also lead to the price of his coin dropping. Apart from generating some heat from authorities, the above gave birth to some stories. A Chinese media site had published a story saying Sun was barred from leaving China by authorities.

Furthermore, other sites pointed to Sun cancelling the lunch due to pressure from regulators after several Tron executives were arrested. However, after he cancelled the lunch, they were released. On the matter of being prohibited from leaving China, Sun went live from San Francisco to prove he’s wasn’t in China.

While he has apologized for his over marketing actions, deleting the apology from his Weibo account raises red flags. However, questions that linger on many crypto enthusiast’s minds are will he go ahead with his lunch on a later date and is Tron under investigations?