Jubiter Cryptocurrency Platform Announces New Appealing Promotion

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Jubiter is a recently-launched cryptocurrency buy/exchange platform that entered the market earlier this year. After over a year of development, the service is now one of the most preferred platforms by cryptocurrency beginners due to its easy usability, high security levels and a long list of advantages.

Jubiter offers services, such as a free online cryptocurrency wallet, instant buy/exchange Bitcoin/Litecoin by using a credit card or a bank transfer and the opportunity for clients to feel fully secured and convenient about their finances due to Jubiter’s use of the latest data security technologies.

To award the supportive clients of Jubiter, the team has just announced its latest promotion which is already attracting even more cryptocurrency beginners and experts to the new platform.

From September 5th till September 14th of 2018, Jubiter clients will be able to enjoy a 0% fee on their first bank transfer Bitcoin purchase. Since bank transfer is one of the ways through which registered users can purchase Bitcoins through Jubiter, the company decided to make it even better for their clients by depriving them of any bank fees for their first cryptocurrency adventure.

All the users have to do is register at Jubiter, verify their account and send an e-mail, requesting a bank transfer. The 0% bank transfer fee will be effective immediately.

Jubiter is encouraging the users to get the best out of the promotion and hurry up with their purchase.

For more information, users are invited to visit the official page of the website: https://www.jubiter.com/

Any questions regarding the promotion and the new cryptocurrency platform are welcomed by the Jubiter customer support team. Those who are interested can contact them through e-mail, phone, and live chat, from Mon – Sat, 8:00 AM – Midnight EST.


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