JPMorgan Launches Euro Blockchain Payments with JPM Coin

JPMorgan Launches Euro Blockchain Payments Using JPM Coin
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JPMorgan, the well-known investment bank based in the United States, has taken a significant step towards integrating blockchain technology into traditional banking by expanding the use of its major blockchain project, JPM Coin. 

The banking giant has introduced euro-denominated payments for its corporate clients through its JPM Coin blockchain-based payment system, as reported by Bloomberg on June 23.

Euro Transactions Go Live with JPM Coin

Basak Toprak, JPMorgan’s head of Coin Systems for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, revealed that JPM Coin successfully executed its first euro transaction on June 21. Siemens AG, a conglomerate based in Germany, had the honor of conducting the inaugural euro payment on the platform.

The implementation of the JPM Coin payment system allows JPMorgan’s corporate clients, including large multinational firms, to instantly transfer euros to and from their JPMorgan accounts. 

Moreover, these transactions can take place 24/7, which is a substantial improvement compared to traditional banking transactions that are typically limited to business hours. 

It should be noted that JPM Coin is part of JPMorgan’s broader blockchain-based platform known as Onyx Coin Systems. Launched in 2020, Onyx aims to enhance the quality of wholesale payment transactions. 

Euro Transactions Go Live with JPM Coin

The bank has reportedly processed approximately $700 billion in short-term loan transactions through Onyx as of April 2023. With the integration of euro-denominated payments, JPMorgan is solidifying its commitment to leveraging blockchain technology within traditional banking systems.

The announcement of JPMorgan’s expansion of JPM Coin comes at a time when traditional financial institutions are showing increasing interest in the crypto sector. For instance, BlackRock iShares recently filed for a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) with the crypto-skeptic US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Furthermore, Fidelity Investments recently launched its cryptocurrency trading services, initially offering trading for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

As the adoption of blockchain technology grows across the financial sector, traditional financial giants like JPMorgan are recognizing the potential benefits and actively exploring innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of their clients.

However, by expanding the capabilities of JPM Coin, JPMorgan aims to streamline cross-border payments and enhance efficiency for its corporate clients. 


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