iZbreaker to Release its Decentralized Application on the Ethereum Classic Blockchain

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The announcement was made on the official medium of Ethereum Classic Labs on August 28, 2019, which announced Ethereum Classic Labs collaboration with to launch the decentralized application. The blog post reads:

“Ethereum Classic Labs, a core Ethereum Classic development and accelerator organization, today announced a partnership with iZbreaker, an invite-only, a secure community for connecting global citizens with a three-degree network of friends-of-friends.”

According to the announcement, Ethereum Classic Labs will provide iZbreaker the resources to develop and launch a new decentralized application. iZbreaker is composed of a community of global citizens interested in leveraging a single dynamic platform focused on enabling engagement around shared interests and connections and this partnership will help it to build new features for its community.

Terry Culver, the CEO of Ethereum Classic Labs, on this partnership, commented:

“We were excited about the iZbreaker project and team from the beginning and thought it was an ideal fit for Ethereum Classic’s security, low transaction fees, and stability. iZbreaker’s unique approach lets participants expand and capture their community of friends-of-friends online and share their information on a public chain while preserving data sovereignty, integrity and security.”

Count Erik Wachtmeister, the CEO and founder of iZbreaker, said that this partnership is ideal to unleash the power if iZbreaker and achieving our goals. He said:

By leveraging the platform, members will significantly enhance opportunities to interact based on their existing personal network, interests, mode, intent, and location. After extensive due diligence, it is clear that ETC Labs and building on Ethereum Classic’s public blockchain is ideal to unleash the power of iZbreaker, achieving our goal of delivering a secure, user-guided discovery experience.”

iZbreaker says that it addresses the current gap in social media for user-guided, relevant interactions that feel like real-life engagements. It provides a trusted environment to search for friends, like-minded people, opportunities, advice, ideas, and inspiration.

iZbreaker offers various features on its platforms like the use of proximity discovery, current modes, respective freemium access to a Lounge, and the invitation-only access to the club and after this partnership, it will also support standard ERC-20.

Ethereum Classic Labs, a core Ethereum Classic development and accelerator organization, is a public blockchain that provides a trusting environment with immutable records and fast, secure decentralized transaction validation. It offers functionalities such as smart contracts, EVM and decentralized public ledgers that are based off the same core code as Ethereum.


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