Is Jubiter The Safest Cryptocurrecy Exchange?

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Digital currencies have been a growing trend, and, with the rise of BitCoin in early 2009, have become an established, if still high risk, investment opportunity and an alternate form of monetary profit and management.

With the advent of new technologies, applications, and programs in the world of cryptocurrency, safety and security are top concerns. Jubiter is a cryptocurrency exchange platform with integrative blockchain technology for buying, selling and securely storing altcoins and Bitcoins.

Jubiter’s Innovative Lead

Jubiter seeks to improve the accessibility and functionality of digital asset exchanges in existence today. Launching 2018, the development team’s ingenious features will positively transform global commerce. Already a preferred cryptocurrency exchange platform, Jubiter offers many options for the Bitcoin aficionados of the world:

  • Crypto to crypto exchange.
  • Secure offline wallet.
  • Debit card.

Is Jubiter The Safest Cryptocurrecy Exchange?


Jubiter maintains the highest cryptography standards, performing monthly public-key infrastructure, hash, and encryption updates. With the most robust data encryption applications available, it’s not surprising to learn there has never been an instance of a transaction being compromised on Jubiter’s network.

With personal data encryption, not even the Jubiter staff has access to the client’s sensitive information. The spread of Jubiter’s cryptocurrencies is determined by an algorithm which takes market volatility into account. And, with comprehensive privacy and refund policies, along with step-by-step guides and customer service availability (Monday through Saturday, 8am-Midnight EST), a Jubiter client will not be at a loss for help should an issue arise.

Ease of Use

In the age of instant gratification, it is no surprise the development team at Jubiter had the foresight to design a user-friendly interface. With support for BitCoin and Litecoin, receiving, storing, and exchanging cryptocurrencies is easy and simple. There are many other options Jubiter features, all of which showcase the network’s devotion to high standards.

Financial Security Features:

  • Secure transaction network.
  • Digital assets in cold storage.
  • End to end data encryption.

Account Security Features:

  • Login guard technology.
  • Zero private key exposure.
  • Teo factor account authentication.

Legal Certifications and Compliances:

  • PCI DSS Certified
  • International AML/KYC policies
  • FinCen MSB Registered

Jubiter Affiliates

Jubiter also offers a transparent affiliate program. It is free to signup and the process is simple and quick. They provide a wide range of tracking and creative tools to aid in affiliate success. Priding themselves on simplicity and efficiency throughout all aspects of development within the Jubiter network, the affiliate program follows the same rhetoric of ease and coherence.

Jumping to Jubiter!

All you need to open a Jubiter account is a valid email address. Once your account has been verified, you’ll be able to move forward with buying, selling, and exchanging cryptocurrencies including BitCoins, Litecoins, with Ethereum and BitCoin Cash to be offered in the near future. Depending on your country of residence and chosen payment method, fees and cryptocurrency availability will vary.

It is also possible, and even strongly recommended by the Jubiter development team, to utilize a unique BitCoin and/or Litecoin address for each transaction. Users will actually notice their wallet address change after every transaction or when funds are moved to the cold storage. These addresses are automatically generated by the Jubiter network to protect the client’s privacy and security.

The many features Jubiter showcases through their innovative network shows their inherent knowledge, not only of BitCoins but of the deeper essentials involved in cryptography as well. The security features, integrations, and certifications acquired by Jubiter are a testament to their devotion to positively transforming global commerce.


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