ICRC Partners with Partisia Blockchain to Address Real-World Challenges

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The newly announced partnership between Partisia Blockchain and the International Committee of the Red Cross tackles conflict zones. ICRC is able to provide humanitarian aid to countries experiencing global crises due to Partisia Blockchain’s privacy-preserving technologies.

Addressing Real World Challenges

Partisia Blockchain and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) announced their partnership on December 2, 2022, at Partisia’s first Hackathon (the “PartiHack”) held in Paris, France. Partisia Blockchain will be able to make aid distribution to crisis zones more efficient and safer for recipients by using blockchain technology.

“I am truly honored to be part of this amazing collaboration that offers a vision for a better way to provide assistance to those around the globe who are most vulnerable to conflict and violence.”

The stablecoin section in Partisia Blockchain is developing in partnership with the ICRC is intended to provide a new way to support victims in need by combining the advantages of public blockchains with the privacy protections offered by Partisia Blockchain’s advanced multi-party computation technology and thereby provide a new way of providing assistance to these victims.

Partisia Blockchain will apply the most advanced technologies to create a breakthrough solution with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to explore and research how humanitarian assistance programs that provide vouchers and cash can benefit from our blockchain technology. Having real-world use cases is a breakthrough in the field of blockchain technology.

With the current partnership, Partisia Blockchain is demonstrating its unique capability to provide a multi-party computation system that is scalable, privacy-preserving, and provides a good example of the power it has to offer. 

There were several significant grants awarded to projects, which were judged to be among the best submissions at the Partisia Hackathon, which was held earlier this month in Singapore and first discussed at TOKEN2049. In addition to the models discussed at TOKEN2021, many contributors to the project were inspired by the TOKEN2020 model.

Among the top blockchain projects, Partisia blockchain focuses on real-world challenges that can be overcome with its technology. In order to attract a broader audience to the blockchain industry, the team wants to provide solutions that attract a wider range of users. As part of this process, one of the most important steps is to partner with international organizations.

IRC and Partisia, a company that has worked closely together on blockchain adoption in the past couple of weeks, recently announced a partnership. In spite of the fact that this movement is devoted to nonprofit activities, it illustrates the potential of blockchain and its products to provide aid to people in need. As for the practice use cases of the industry, there are still a number of steps that need to be taken in order to verify them.


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