IOTA Partners with ClimateCHECK to Launch a New DigitalMRV Solution


IOTA announced a new partnership focused on IoT technologies. ClimateCHECK is the new partner that will help IOTA develop technologies for climate change, clean technologies, and sustainability.

Their strategic alliance includes developing solutions based on DLT technology to solve today’s challenges around climate change. The two teams signed an official strategic partnership after two years of collaborating on multiple projects.

Blockchain and IoT Technologies Fighting Climate Challenges

Strategic partnerships are vital for blockchain teams. They find other technology-focused groups that use different features of the new world to join forces and develop new solutions. IOTA is one of the most active ones when it comes to partnerships. They are always looking for other tech companies that share the same idea and roadmap to solve real-world challenges. ClimateCHECK, the new partner, is the correct choice for them because of focusing on cleantech services.

DigitalMRV is one of the partnership results between IOTA and ClimateCHECK that streamlines measurement, reporting, and verification processes. The two teams have been working with each other on other projects, too. According to the announcement:

“The IOTA Foundation and ClimateCHECK have been collaborating through various initiatives such as the Climate Chain Coalition or INATBA based on their joint vision of democratizing access to climate technologies and building multi-stakeholder ecosystems pursuant to open and transparent processes for environmental accounting.”


ClimateCHECK and IOTA plan to run their new DigitalMRV solution in Chile to test its functionalities. It will be deployed at a landfill gas capture. Canadian government funds the project.

IOTA works with ClimateCHECK, Arcadis, ENC Energy, ImplementaSur, and the Chilean government in this project to show the benefits of using blockchain-based solutions in digitizing MRV processes.

The recent partnership with IOTA is a strategic move from ClimateCHECK that has been working on climate-focused solutions for a long time. Tom Baumann, CEO of ClimateCHECK, said: 

“We have been working on climate change issues since 1998 in various roles and with a focus since 2009 on integrating digital solutions into measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) systems. Digital innovations are rapidly advancing and becoming more important for efficient and effective scaling of climate actions and nationally determined contributions under the Paris Agreement, as well as climate-smart technologies, carbon markets, carbon border adjustments, climate disclosure, and finance — to name a few examples. We look forward to expanding our strategic partnership with IOTA and its robust digital ecosystems to set the standard with DigitalMRVTM for nextgen assurance to enable innovative solutions for climate change, cleantech, and sustainability.”

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