IOTA Helps Japanese Government Develop a Predictive Maintenance System for Industrial Plants

IOTA Helps Japanese Government Develop a Predictive Maintenance System for Industrial Plants
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The Japanese government is looking for new ways to develop innovative predictive maintenance systems for industrial plants. The government funds a project that wants to combine AI and blockchain to process and store data. IOTA Foundation is the critical partner of this project to provide the blockchain infrastructure for connecting sensors and processing data.

Blockchain Helping Industrial Solutions

Using blockchain for storing and managing data is not something new. Many companies and governments now understand the potentials of distributed ledger technology. Using this technology in infrastructure projects shows another step forward for global adoption. The Japanese government can lead the way by running a project based on blockchain at the industrial level.

Combining AI and blockchain can lead to exciting results regarding accurate predictive maintenance in industrial plants. The new project, funded by Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, national research and development agency operating under the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, will be handled by great teams from all over the world.

There are many goals for the new industrial project. According to a local news service:

“The project, which seeks to strengthen the durability of critical infrastructure, will optimize facility management systems deployed in power, industrial, petrochemicals and oil refining plants throughout Japan by digitizing maintenance data and using artificial intelligence to predict when checkups are needed, according to the foundation.”

Industrial plants in Japan currently store their data manually and have many challenges sharing and integrating that. IOTA will provide its Tangle ledger technology to the project, and AI will handle the processing parts.

Using blockchain in projects focused on managing and storing data can lead to significant results. The decentralized nature removes lots of security threats. Besides, sharing data will be more comfortable and faster between participants.

IOTA Foundation that has previously worked with multiple governments worldwide, hopes that the new partnership can result in more trust in DLT and pave the way for more adoption. According to their tweet:

“We recently joined the project funded by # Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization. Read how #IOTA is being used to shift data to a decentralized database and protect critical infrastructure in Japan and abroad.”

There is no record of the IOTA Foundation partnering with organizations inside Japan. They have partnered with some of them with overseas offices, but working with local companies is a new instance. It can become the first of many coming partnerships.

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