IOTA Foundation Released IOTA Streams

IOTA Published Research Status Update for January 2021

IOTA Foundation announced the final release of IOTA Streams. The new service adds to the growing product portfolio of the foundation. IOTA Streams focuses on services for data sharing, security, and control on IoT devices. It’s an open-source DLT framework that is now available at the final alpha release.

Granular Data Access Through IOTA

In the IoT industry, data sharing among connected devices is a vital need. As a blockchain with a focus on IoT, IOTA always tries to provide the best options for these systems. IOTA Streams is their latest offering that will make data sharing and data access easier for devices and users.

Complete control of the data being shared is beneficial for industry players in IoT. According to IOTA Foundation, IOTA Streams “gives data producers fine-grained control over who can access the data that they produce; whether from a mobile device, environment IoT sensor, connected vehicle, Industrial IoT solution, or something else.”

The primary mission of IOTA Streams is securing data on IoT devices. The data stream towards and from cloud servers needs security layers, and IOTA Streams tries to solve the problems by securing and structuring data on the device itself. In other words, the protocol secures the value of data at the point of creation. It uses various solutions and technics like tamper-proof historical verification, cryptography, and data ordering on the Tangle.

iota streams

IOTA Streams is currently at the Alpha stage and will remain in that phase until it transitions to the Chrysalis phase 2 protocol upgrade. There is another update phase that will make the protocol fully compatible with features. After that, IOTA Streams will transition to Beta.

The Rust programming language is the primary choice for multiple products from IOTA Foundation.

“Continuing on this path, the Streams Library and Channels Application are both written in Rust. However, we also have plans to develop a C library to cater for certain embedded applications. Currently, we have developed C bindings, and we plan to support JavaScript and WebAssembly soon. Don’t want to wait? We welcome the ecosystem to get involved and help accelerate their development,” according to IOTA Foundation.

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