IOTA Foundation Published Details About Partnerships with Crypto Finance AG

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IOTA Foundation published a blog post about strengthening partnerships with industrial partners, especially Crypto Finance AG. The partnerships are happening on the verge of a Chrysalis update that is the most important upgrade in the IOTA history.

The nature of Chrysalis and the upcoming Coordicide upgrade is to make IOTA an enterprise-ready blockchain. As a result, IOTA is expanding partnerships with various organizations that can help the blockchain provide new services to more entities.

IOTA Becomes an Enterprise Blockchain

Supporting enterprise needs is a vital step for blockchains that focus on bigger user bases. IOTA community has been busy in the past year improving and expanding the blockchain to become enterprise-ready. Many new features and services should be added to the blockchain to support those needs.

New testnets and major upgrades like Chrysalis are all strategic steps toward that goal. Another part of this path involves partnerships that help IOTA reach bigger customers and finally provide services to more people. Crypto Finance AG is one of these strategic partners that will help IOTA toward the final goal.

IOTA Foundation says that the blockchain is now ready to provide the decentralized infrastructure for various industry needs. In the latest post, the Foundation team says that many industry solutions are in the development phase to become ready on IOTA. The solutions are from various sectors, from automotive and mobility, eHealth, and digital identity to smart energy sectors and supply chain.


Crypto Finance AG has started a partnership with IOTA Foundation in 2019. The two teams have worked together in terms of exchanging ideas and needs. According to the latest post from IOTA Foundation:

“The Crypto Finance Group was the first professional IOTA token storage provider worldwide – serving the needs of financial intermediaries and partners across various industries. Our collaboration enables private and public investors, institutional investors, and beneficiaries to manage access to their IOTA tokens securely. In addition, thanks to the financial services of Crypto Finance Group, leading companies working with the IOTA token are now able to meet their institutional and compliance requirements.”

As mentioned above, the vital need for Crypto Finance AG is a storage solution for their partners. The Crypto Storage Ag, a subsidiary of Crypto Finance AG, works closely with IOTA to find the best solutions for customers.

The team believes that Chrysalis will surely help IOTA provide improved storage solutions. These kinds of partnerships help the IOTA community work more closely with industrial players and receive feedback from them on the path to becoming an enterprise-ready blockchain.

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