IOTA Foundation is Hiring Rust Developer for Bee Team in Berlin

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IOTA Foundation is looking for a Rust developer for its Berlin team that can work remotely, too. The new employee will be responsible for building node software.

“IOTA is looking for a talented #Rust developer to join our #Bee team in Berlin or remote,” tweeted IOTA. The application form is published in the Bamboohr platform.

IOTA Foundation that started working from 2017 is now mainly focused on developing and community organizing for its DLT product, Tangle. The DLT solution from IOTA acts as a free and open trust layer for IoT applications. This needs new staff to work on designing and developing new software products.

“As a Software Engineer, Rust, you will be working with the latest technologies to build the next generation node software supporting the IOTA DLT. You will have the opportunity to bring the latest advancements from DLT research to life,” according to the foundation’s job board.

The developers inside IOTA Foundation build products for other developers. In other words, their products are not modified for the end-user and have to have the habits and use cases of developers in mind. This is the first responsibility of any developer and also the new developer that IOTA needs for the Bee team.

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Designing software specifications, developing software solutions for the community, working across different teams and collaboration in various software projects, engaging with the community, and participating in research steps, are some of the other responsibilities for Rust developer in the IOTA Foundation. These requirements seem evident for any developer looking for jobs in software companies and specifically blockchain-based ones.

IOTA Foundation needs developers with strong performance history, needless to say, Rust coding skills, and a basic understanding of cryptographic topics.

“Experience designing architectures for portable, embedded systems and Proven track record in designing software algorithms and data structures is a plus,” according to IOTA Foundations.

IOTA Foundation claims itself as an equal opportunity employer that is committed to diversity. Anyway, this new hiring opportunity can mean a lot for developers whose jobs have had an impact through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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