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IOTA Foundation and SinoPac announce their partnership

The IOTA Foundation has announced through its official blog on Medium the partnership with SinoPac, which will collaborate in the investigation of digital innovations in the financial sector.

This will be possible thanks to the IOTA Tangle technology, the first distributed open source ledger.

Both companies talked about the enthusiasm with which they will face this partnership:

Tina Chiang (SinoPac) said: “iCertificate is a notarial service always necessary in the application of digital certification, not only in the education territories or public services, also in the commerce and supply chain industries.” We are pleased to partner with IOTA in Distributed accounting technology With the support of IOTA, iCertificate was developed as a flexible and extensible service, which efficiently consolidates the annoying landscape of many individual and different digital certification authorities into a single platform. “

Wilfried Pimenta from the IOTA Foundation, Norway commented: “IOTA is delighted to see SinoPac take its notary certification platform to the next level, not only demystify IOTA’s potential to use entanglement in a wide variety of corporate products and services. , but also demonstrates the increasingly practical and real use of the world of distributed accounting technology in the financial sector, SinoPac’s cutting-edge innovation shows how DLT can improve and improve the security of data-sensitive services, and We hope to continue exploring new landscapes of digital innovation thanks to the IOTA Tangle technology. “

What is SinoPac?

Sinopac iota association iota tangle

SinoPac Financial Holdings Company Ltd, is a bank company created in 1992 by Samuel Yin and Paul L. that offers financial services with a dense business network and a highly innovative product portfolio.

IOTA Foundation

iota fundacion association

The IOTA Foundation is a non-profit foundation based in Germany and launched in June 2016, its main objective is to increase the adoption of the protocol with a view to making it a standard.

Currently this association is formed by: David Sønstebø (founder of IOTA), Dominik Schiener, Serguei Popov (Mthcl), Sergey Ivancheglo (Come-from-Beyond), Gianluigi Popov.

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