IOTA announces partnership with MOBI

iota announces alliance with mobi and qubic project
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The IOTA Foundation has announced through its blog and social networks its alliance with MOBI (Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative), a platform whose mission is to explore Blockchain and its related technologies.

Dominik Schiener and David Sonstebo Co-founders and Co-Chairmen of the Board of Directors of the IOTA Foundation declared:

“We are proud to be a member of the MOBI and partnering with other leading global companies to drive industry standards that unlock the potential of DLT for the mobility sector to establish a seamless, safe, and affordable mobility experience. As the world is starting to recognize the huge potential of decentralized ledger technology it is essential to establish the key functionalities for a scalable ecosystem based on the principles of open source, collaboration and permanent innovation that drives broad  scaled technology adoption.”

MOBI has alliances with leading automotive brands such as BMW, Bosh, Renault or GM, as well as related DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) among others.

With these partnerships IOTA and its partners want to introduce these new technologies in the world of transport, making them safer, more affordable and more widely available.

Recording driving data, storing information about the identity of the vehicle, its use or managing shared trips or vehicles sharing will be some of the utilities that this new technology will bring.

What is DLT?

The DLT or Distributed Ledger Technology, just like Blockchain, is a decentralized consensus of replicated, shared and synchronized digital data distributed geographically in several places, which we usually call a decentralized record book.

Sometimes these terms are often confused because, although they share similar characteristics, DLT and Blockchain are not the same. Blockchain is a DLT but not all DLT are Blockchain.

What is MOBI?

MOBI is a platform headquartered in San Jose (California) and created in 2018 whose mission is to promote high standards and accelerate the adoption of Blockchain and related technologies for the benefit of the industry, consumers and communities.

iota's qubic project will be launched soon

Other projects of IOTA – QUBIC.

IOTA’s Qubic project, of which very little is known, is only 30 days away from coming to light to make itself known and so David Sontebo has announced it with the following message:

“Qubic, with origins that go back to CFB’s early reflections on BTT in 2012 and the intense R & D of many people in Jinn Labs since 2014, the elusive Q has officially begun its presentation and is verified hereby. A project in which we have been working for a long time internally in the IOTA Foundation and is one of our main priorities for 2018 and 2019. The details will remain scarce until the date revealed on the website, when there is much more material, specifications and More information on the uniqueness of Qubic will be made available For now, in summary: Qubic enables intelligent contracts, oracles, outsourced IT and much more Qubic, using IOTA as the backbone, will be the basis for many more projects that we already have in March, but more importantly, it will be a platform for the community and the ecosystem in general to create things that we can not yet imagine. When we share your enthusiasm and enthusiasm about this fundamental project, please do not disturb Eric, Paul, CFB, Sam or any of the others in IF that you have identified as working on this project, they will not disclose more details until the date that It is displayed on the website. When what? What Q? Now you have a better idea. “


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