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IOTA Announced a New Partnership to Open a Laboratory for DLT Research

IOTA Announced a New Partnership to Open a Laboratory for DLT Research

IOTA announced a new partnership with Pantos and TU Wien focused on DLT research. They will collaborate to launch a research laboratory named after Christian Doppler. IOTA Foundation will participate in the parts regarding the intersection of IoT and DLT technologies.

The new partnership will help IOTA improve its presence in institutional activities. According to the announcement post from IOTA Foundation:

“We are proud to announce that the IOTA Foundation is joining the new Christian Doppler Laboratory Blockchain Technologies for the Internet of Things (CDL-BOT), as an industrial partner. A research group housed at the Institute for Information Systems Engineering at TU Wien will provide cutting-edge research on DLT interoperability, the intersection of DLT with the Internet of Things and developer support offerings.”

The new research initiative focuses on multiple aspects of technology. IOTA believes their partnership in the research project will expand the research areas on IOTA Tangle and help the European ecosystem of DLT grow faster.

The team of researchers in the CDL-BOT project are postdoctoral and doctoral students. Prof. Stefan Shulte is the leader of this group. He said about the new laboratory:

“With the rising number of potential application areas for DLT-based payments and data exchange in the Internet of Things, new DLTs have to be integrated, and interoperability between different DLTs becomes necessary. I am looking forward to doing joint research with the IOTA Foundation and Pantos in order to find novel solutions to this highly topical topic.”

The new DLT research is named after Christian Doppler. He was a renowned scientist and the leader of collaboration activities between the scientific and private sectors.

Pantos is the other blockchain community that participates in the new DLT laboratory. They will use the results of research initiatives next to IOTA. Pantos is a subsidiary of Panda. Panda execs believe the new partnership will help the blockchains improve their research activities.

IOTA Foundation thinks the partnership will help them significantly in the development and improvement processes of Tangle. Dominik Schiener, Co-founder of IOTA Foundation, said: 

“We are honored to be part of this long-term research project and are grateful to the Christian Doppler Gesellschaft and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Digital and Economic Affairs for acknowledging and supporting the enormous potential of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology towards building a more transparent, trusted and connected economy. Together with the world-leading academic institution TU Wien and Pantos as a cutting-edge technology provider, we will jointly focus on the interoperable transfer of digital assets and trusted Internet of Things while expanding our footprint in Austria specifically.”

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