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IOTA Aims to Simplify the Naming of Products; Introduced The First Products that Follow New Guidelines

IOTA published a press release announcing some new guidelines for the naming of the products. Besides some changes and upgrades in the nodes of the IOTA network, the press release consists of introducing some new products that follow the latest guidelines.

Two new nodes – named Hornet and Bee – added to the network, and also Chrysalis protocol faced an upgrade. IOTA claims the new update makes node running on the IOTA network cheaper that will affect the price of transactions, too.

The change in naming guidelines comes after suggestions from community members and is aimed at simplifying the products’ names.

“Aiming for Simple – we listened to the feedback from the #IOTAcommunity & our partners to simplify our product names. We’re thrilled to introduce the first new names: #IOTAStreams, #IOTAAccess, and #IOTASmartContracts,” tweeted IOTA.

New Branding Focused on Discoverability

IOTA admits that the previous naming in the products list was branding-focused and therefore caused many problems while looking for products. So, the team decided to change the naming protocols. According to the new changes, IOTA will still remain the main brand of the community, but the product name should show the actual function of that. Besides, the products like wallets that focus on consumer usage should use the names that are easy to memorize.

The naming guideline for the IOTA products that are focused on the developer community changed, too. The product’s name should give information about the function of that. After all, product naming should follow the norms of other tech products like APIs and libraries from out of the IOTA community. IOTA tries to change the naming mechanism so that any user can understand the function and usability of the products.

IOTA changed the name of some products to start the new era in IOTA naming and also introduced some new ones. MAM (Masked Authenticated Messaging) is the first product that will be called IOTA Streams from now on. IOTA Smart Contracts is is the name of a new flagship project that was previously developed under a sub-domain in the Qubic project. IOTA Access is another new product that focuses on access control frameworks in sections like embedded devices.

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