IOTA Access Announced; an Open-Source Platform for Managing Smart Devices


IOTA Foundation announced a new framework for managing smart devices called IOTA Access. The new open-source framework is the result of a partnership between the IOTA Foundation and Jaguar Land Rover, STMicroelectronics, EDAG, RIDDLE&CODE, NTT DATA Romania, ETO GRUPPE, and BiiLabs.

Controlling Smart Devices with Blockchain-Based Solutions

Smart devices and IoT have always been the main focus area for IOTA Foundation and their partners. They try to leverage the security and stability of DLT systems to improve the IoT industry. IOTA Access, a global, open-source framework, focuses on creating policy-based access control systems. These systems make it possible to run a pay-per-use functionality at the edge of the network.

By using IOTA Access in smart devices, the security and stability of the services can be scaled.

”Access is all about enabling services and security at scale. If there’s a device that can offer a service, then Access can be built into it to automate that service through embedded access control policies. This allows device users and owners to grant or request access to their device, or data stream, in a remote, permissionless, contactless, and auditable manner,” according to IOTA’s blog post.


IOTA Foundation claims there are numerous use-cases for the new Access service. They point at zero-trust enterprise systems as one of the fields that IOTA Access can help. IOTA Access helps enterprises scale the trustless model faster and easier.

IOTA Access will remove the middlemen from the IoT systems.

“The future is connected, and smart devices are getting integrated into everything we come in contact with at an exponential rate. Whether you want to rent your house, bike, scooter, car, or more, you could do it with IOTA Access. If you have a smart door lock, then it can integrate IOTA Access with embedded policies for pay per use rentals, or to simply increase the transparency and security of entering your home and allowing access to others,” according to IOTA.

The improvement and updating IOTA Access is in progress like any other product from IOTA Foundation. The working demos have been tested on Raspberry Pi, and new versions are coming, too. You can see more details and instructions about the new IOTA product here.

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