IOHK Connects Cardano to Bitcoin and Ethereum in a Partnership with Wolfram

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IOHK announced a new partnership focused on improving the Cardano connectivity to other blockchains. They have chosen Wolfram as the latest partner to integrate their Wolfram Alpha platform and connect Cardano to Bitcoin and Ethereum. But the partnership will not be limited to this integration. The two teams plan to join forces to improve platforms.

New Integration in Cardano

Partnerships are vital in the blockchain community. Blockchain companies partner with each other to join forces and expand services. Sometimes they connect to traditional tech companies, too. It will help blockchain companies find more customers and also expand their offerings. IOHK is one of those blockchain companies that has been busy partnering with multiple firms. Their new partner, Wolfram, will help Cardano stand next to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

As part of the partnership between IOHK and Wolfram, Cardano data will be integrated into the Wolfram Alpha. Wolfram Alpha is a computational intelligence engine that will place Cardano alongside Ethereum and Blockchain. The partnership between the two companies is not limited to this integration.

According to the press release:

“Wolfram and IOHK have historically enjoyed close ties, with Stephen Wolfram presenting at #Cardano2020 as well as at the IOHK Miami 2019 summit. The company has consistently proven itself to be a leader in pushing open-source intelligence across a variety of fields including computation, mathematics, and now, blockchain technology. The inclusion of Cardano data into Wolfram Alpha is a landmark moment for IOHK, but it is just the beginning of our collaboration.”


IOHK is trying to use Wolfram Alpha to provide Oracle services in Cardano. When oracles are enabled in the Cardano, developing smart contracts in that blockchain will be more comfortable. Finally, it will make it possible for developers to create more useful applications in Cardano.

As mentioned before, the partnership between IOHK and Wolfram is about collaboration in development, too. IOHK says they will collaborate with Wolfram Blockchain Labs in developing blockchain-based tools, too. They will also collaborate in creating Cardano-specific course materials. Talking about the future of the partnership, IOHK adds:

“Integrating with Wolfram Alpha also boasts industry-leading natural language processing capabilities. This makes Cardano’s information available to virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri. Once integrated, users will be able to query the system to find information or solve computational problems as easily as asking their virtual assistant. We anticipate the initial phases of integration with Wolfram will occur Q2/Q3 of next year.”

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