Innovative “Mainstream” Blockchain App Set to Tackle Global Fraud

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With the global fraud epidemic totaling some $3.24 trillion annually the need for a risk mitigation platform across industry sectors, borders and cultures is growing.

That is until now.

Introducing Kuverit – the Global P2P Guarantee Trading Platform.

Fraud comes in all shapes and sizes and has the potential to destroy both your bottom line and name if not properly managed.

Kuverit helps mitigate that risk by providing guarantees where there is the possibility for financial loss.

From property sales to commodity and much more, Kuverit links all transactions with a guarantor and where you have a guarantee you no longer have risk. Effective protection from risk is the aim of the application and whether you are an investor, business, customer or service provider the Kuverit application will provide unprecedented protection.

Cross border transactions are often hampered by cultural, payment and logistical differences – Kuverit’s mission statement is to overcome these differences with a guarantor-based DD platform that allows you to trade!

The project is already generating a lot of interest including the support of Guido Schmitz Krummacher, previously the Tezos Foundation member, Cardano, and Lisk. Furthermore, we are creating a social brand and as such will be welcoming two board members from the Kuverit community!

Guaranteeing Transactions with Smart Technology

The system is easy and simple to use – if you are a vendor or project owner you simply create the guarantee request and upload – then once your listing is accepted by a guarantor you are Kuvered from any financial loss.

For the guarantor it is even simpler – create an account, scan the open projects that you wish to support, set your minimum fee level and then click Kuver Now and a smart contract is created – once up and running it will revolutionise international transactions by reducing risk and bringing global business that little closer.

For more information please take a look at the Whitepaper.

Kuverit Launches ICO Sale

Kuverit ICO is different to the rest – it focuses on all the investors and unlike other ICO’s it prioritises you over institutional investors.

The platform will be fully operational before Main ICO Phase and Kuverit has ambitious plans to grow – the team is passionate about supporting international trade and today they launch phase one of their ICO, the aim? To build the platform.

Investors are also safe in the knowledge that the platform is using a fully licensed broker with secure escrow accounts.

Running from the 20 March to 20 April their pre-sale is set to attract considerable attention at just $0.001 per token. Kuverit is touting a unique, safer three-phased approach to their ICO fundraising for which interest is growing rapidly.

Once the pre-sale and phase one are completed there will be a three-month product development gap before launching their main ICO to the world with a fully functional application.

We look forward to keeping you updated on the growth of this project!

Don’t Miss Your Early Movers Advantage, Participate in our Pre – Sale NOW!

If It’s Worth it Kuverit! – take the risk out of all your transactions both tangible and intangible, join the Kuverit community today!

If you would like to find out more why not ask us a question?

About Us: Kuverit is a Global Peer to Peer Guarantee & Protection Platform designed to Protect Everything for Everyone Everywhere. Through the innovative smartphone application combined with corporate and institutional alignment, Kuverit will strive to progressively reduce global fraud and increase consumer safety while harnessing the core fundamentals of the blockchain. For more information please visit the homepage.


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