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InnovaMinex completed the first phase of its ICO raising more than $ 2,000,000

One of the most promising and interesting projects this year – InnovaMinex, which implements blockchain technology to ensure the traceability of precious metals, completed the first stage of its ICO. Now, we will evaluate the results of the first two weeks of its main token sale (November 26 – December 9, buyers could purchase tokens with a maximum discount bonus of 30%) and see how InnovaMinex is doing.

Despite the desperate market situation, InnovaMinex is enjoying a steady demand from private retail investors – the project has already collected more than $ 2,000,000, and the team has received several offers from larger investors who want to participate in the project. What is the secret?

In order to answer this question, we need to figure out first what InnovaMinex stands for. The project wants to ensure the transparency of the entire supply chain, processing gold and other precious metals using blockchain technology. At each stage of mining / supply, the precious metal receives a certificate, which is recorded into the blockchain, and this makes it possible to track the origin of the metal.

Founders of the project have developed a solid experience in the gold mining market: InnovaMinex is a shareholder of MinexCorp, the owner of gold mines in Colombia and is already mining precious metals there. The project already has MVP.

InnovaMinex, CEO, Fernando Garcia Sanz notes that InnovaMinex will be able to provide a stable link between gold and cryptocurrency (INX) incorporating the advantages of the most traditional investment vehicle (gold) and the innovative investments such as cryptocurrencies.

InnovaMinex ICO

InnovaMinex issued INX tokens. As part of this ICO, 300 million INX tokens will be released, 70% of which (210 million INX) are allocated for the sale. You can buy INX tokens at www.innovaminex.com, and the price of one token excluding bonuses is $ 0.5 (please, pay attention to bonuses because they are worthwhile).

The main purpose of INX token is to act as a “fuel” for the InnovaMinex platform. The main goal of the project is to make gold and other precious metals more accessible to a wider range of people using INX cryptocurrency, by reducing the price to the end customer, ensuring the transparency and security of all transactions within the system.The INX Token will give tokenholders the right to purchase gold and other precious metal products 25% cheaper than the market price. As demand for gold grows from year to year, INX demand will also grow. In addition, token holders who keep their INX tokens in their wallets, for 3 months, will be eligible to receive part of the 25% of the quarterly profits of InnovaMinex, in the form of discount vouchers that can reach up to 90%. These vouchers can be redeemed by buying gold and other precious metal products in our e-commerce platform. This approach will allow the project to make storage of INX tokens profitable and reduce the number of investors who may want to sell them.

InnovaMinex ICO started on November 26th. The main token sale is divided into four

Phase 1 (completed): November 26 – December 9, 2018 (30% bonus)
Phase 2: December 10 – 23, 2018 (24% bonus)
Phase 3: December 24, 2018 – January 6, 2019 (16% bonus)
Phase 4: January 7 – 20, 2019 (10% bonus)

Please note that InnovaMinex offers a special bonus to buyers who purchases more than 14 thousand tokens: they will receive, as a gift, a numbered 100 g ingot of pure silver. In addition, anyone who registers on the website can also try their luck taking part in the “INX Win Wheel” roulette, with the possibility of winning free tokens or an additional discount!

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