Injective Unveils inEVM on Mainnet: The Game-Changing Rollup Enabling Unprecedented VM Development

Injective Labs presents at EVM: The First Rollup Aligned with Ethereum
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  • Launch of Injective EVM (inEVM): the first Ethereum-aligned rollup.
  • Collaboration with key projects in Web3 to guarantee interoperability.
  • Opportunity for Ethereum developers to build speed and cost efficient applications on inEVM.

In a crucial step for the development of the blockchain ecosystem, Injective Labs has announced the launch of Injective EVM (inEVM) on the mainnet.

This is the first rollup aligned with Ethereum designed to enhance the concurrent development of virtual machines.

This innovation promises to revolutionize the way developers interact with the blockchain universe.

Injective‘s inEVM allows Ethereum developers to build applications that take advantage of the speed and near-zero costs of Injective, while achieving composability between the worlds of WASM and EVM.

This makes Injective the only L1 chain capable of unifying the interoperability of Cosmos with the speed of Solana and the developer access of Ethereum.

This initiative has been possible thanks to the collaboration with prominent infrastructure projects in Web3, including Caldera.

Additionally, prominent messaging layers such as Hyperlane and LayerZero have been integrated with the project, enabling seamless transfer of data and assets.

Celestia will serve as the Data Availability (DA) layer for the rollup, while Pyth will be the oracle provider.

Injective Unveils inEVM on Mainnet: The Game-Changing Rollup Enabling Unprecedented VM Development

Projects already deploying on inEVM include TimeSwap and Thetanauts, which have collectively raised over $200 million in investments.

These represent the beginning of inEVM’s possibilities for the development of decentralized apps

One of the most notable features of inEVM is its ability to achieve true composability through Cosmos and Solana, thanks to the collaboration with Caldera.

This allows developers to work on multiple virtual machine environments within a single integrated network, opening up new possibilities for innovation.

Additionally, the project offers native interoperability between WASM and EVM environments, facilitated by Hyperlane.

This allows the construction of cross-chain applications that abstract the complexities of the multichain world for end users.

Injective EVM (inEVM) represents a significant advancement in blockchain development, offering Ethereum developers the ability to build high-performance applications with minimal costs, while maintaining compatibility and interoperability with existing ecosystems.

This innovation promises to further drive the growth and adoption of blockchain technology around the world.


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