Injective Announces New Collaboration to Boost Mobile-Based DeFi for Millions in Emerging Markets

Injective Announces New Collaboration to Boost Mobile-Based DeFi for Millions in Emerging Markets
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  • Injective and Jambo Partner to Bring DeFi to Millions in Emerging Markets.
  • Collaboration to offer financial solutions based on blockchain through the JamboPhone.
  • Ninji Wallet will be available on Jambo phones, making it easier to access its DeFi ecosystem.

Injective and Web3 mobile technology firm Jambo have announced a collaboration that seeks to promote decentralized financial solutions in emerging markets such as Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

This partnership will leverage the JamboPhone, a Web3-powered Android 13 smartphone, to introduce users to Injective’s DeFi ecosystem.

The main objective of this alliance is to make millions of people in emerging markets easy access to decentralized applications (dApps) through the JamboPhone.

Mirza Uddin, head of business at Injective Labs, highlights that combining the platform’s robust infrastructure with Jambo‘s Web3 mobile technology will allow them to scale DeFi efficiently and help overcome socioeconomic challenges for billions of people.

As part of this collaboration, users in these emerging markets will be able to access multiple dApps in the ecosystem through the JamboPlay app store.

One of the first platforms available will be Ninji, a native wallet from Injective that will make it even easier to participate in its DeFi ecosystem.

The JamboPhone, currently priced at $99 and available in over 100 countries, already comes with pre-installed applications including DeFi, gaming, and the Web3 infrastructure.

Injective Announces New Collaboration to Power Mobile-Based DeFi for Millions in Emerging Markets

This partnership with Injective reflects Jambo’s commitment to promoting adoption in Africa and other emerging markets

Aligned with Injective’s essential mission of providing a highly interoperable Layer 1 network optimized specifically for the emerging Web3 ecosystem.

Injective, a company incubated by Binance and backed by notable investors such as Pantera, Jump Crypto, and Mark Cuban, has seen a 12% increase in the value of its INJ token over the course of the last 24 hours after announcing this collaboration.

This growth in token value reflects renewed investor interest and confidence in the opportunities this partnership will provide for the expansion of decentralized financial solutions.

This growth reflects market interest and confidence in the opportunities this collaboration provides to expand DeFi access and financial inclusion around the world.


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