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Indahash Coin: the influencer´s crytopcurrency

One of the sectors that best obtaining benefits from blockchain technology, is related to digital marketing. The paradigm of influence marketing is on fire right now and blockchain projects have not been slow to appear in this area. In this context IndaHash is introducing an ecosystem that allows influencers to create their own cryptocurrencies, which would value the activity of their audience.

IndaHash Coin is a universal cryptocurrency payment structure available to influential people in social networks, their audiences and brands. With the introduction of the IndaHash currency, this platform will solve a wide range of problems and challenges among influential people, brands and audiences, while allowing its network of influential people worldwide to participate in the fast-growing cryptocurrency market.

IndaHash Coin has the potential to become the world standard currency to solve all influence marketing activities, reflecting the value of this growing market. Its ICO paves the way to allow simple and simplified deposits in an innovative and secure platform, while giving digital trend creators access to a state-of-the-art payment method. It comes from an international business with a proven product, established track record, healthy income and well-known customers, including Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and L’Oreal.

The IndaHash crypto-economic system works on three groups: brands, influential people and audiences.


  • Brands use IndaHash Coin to pay marketing campaigns with influencers. Because of this, influential people, no matter where they are, can receive payments immediately, eliminating waiting periods of 30-60 days for them. As part of a completely new service, “Pay-With-Fame”, influencers will have the possibility of exchanging their IndaHash Coins earned by a variety of different brands offers. For example, influential people will receive early access to limited edition products, as well as exclusive events and workshops. The new function will change the way brands work with influential people by allowing influential people to receive exclusive discounts on products and services they would not normally receive. Brands will also benefit from this feature by receiving authentic reviews of desirable trendsetters.


  • Influencers, based on IndaHash Coin, can create their own tokens and use them to increase audience participation through rewards. They can also exchange their tokens for payments, or retain them in the hope that their value will grow over time according to the cryptocurrency market. More importantly, the payment with IndaHash Coin will allow them to be an integral part of the growing and constantly evolving cryptocurrency industry.

Audience (followers)

  • Influential audiences can use collected tokens and exchange them for exclusive actions established by the influencer for their community. For example, customized personalized rewards by the influencer, one-on-one meetings and other social activities.

To learn more about this platform and its proposal, you can review their White paper.


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