Immutable Joins Hands with Amazon Web Services

Immutable Joins Hands with Amazon Web Services
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Immutable has joined hands with Amazon Web Services to expand options for game developers as it is expanding its startup accelerator programs. As per the recent post, Immutable stated that it has added AWS to the list of companies in its independent software vendors Accelerate Program, where organizations provide software solutions that either run or integrate with AWS.

Furthermore, any developers looking forward to building on Immutable’s blockchain have the option of joining AWS Activate, which is a program that provides perks including technical support, training, and $100,000 worth of AWS cloud credits.

The AWS head of startups stated that Immutable is undoubtedly a great example of a local startup that has managed to go global. At the same time, the cloud provider’s commitment to expanding its Web3 game development via the use of its infrastructure was also reaffirmed.

Immutable has been built with Amazon EventBridge and AWS Lambada serverless services that make use of events to connect application components. This has enabled the platform to increase its scalability to handle a 10x increase in partnered games.

However, numerous concerns have been raised regarding the overall centralization of gaming and Ethereum along with a reliance on Amazon. The product marketing lead, Michael Powell, clarified these concerns by mentioning that a considerable number of blockchain purists are very big on the idea of decentralization but it is necessary to have everything on-chain. With that being said, it became understandable that it was a deviation from where the game developers built.  

Immutable Continues to Grow

Immutable Continues to Grow

Just in August this year, Immutable initiated the public testing of its zkEVM. However, this was made possible as a result of a collaboration with Polygon Labs. The firm highlighted that the implementation of the zkEVM would drastically lower overall development costs for game developers while providing the security and network effects that come bundled with the Ethereum ecosystem.  

Immutable has continued to grow considerably over time. As a result of the continuous effort, the firm was valued at approximately $2.5 billion in March last year. Another element that added to the overall valuation of the company was a $200 million funding round led by Temasek. 


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