ICON Published Development Roadmap Update; Cross-Chain Interoperability Coming Soon

ICON Published Development Roadmap Update; Cross-Chain Interoperability Coming Soon
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ICON, the biggest blockchain project in South Korea, just published the development roadmap update. Some new governance features, ICONex, Tracker, and BTP, all saw new development milestones in the ICON project.

The team behind the project focused on governance features in May and also published the first version of their interoperability technology, BTP 1.0. The interoperability feature is one of the most critical milestones for ICON because it has been a fundamental tool for the project.

Community feedback and requests are vital in developing blockchain projects. ICON developers relied on these basics, too. They organized roadmap milestones based on the feedback and requests, which strictly focused on the platform’s governance features.

“Based on this feedback, we will be adding P-Rep private key dualizing, staking and delegating functions in SCORE, multiple unstaking periods, and a function to increase the number of delegations from 10 to 100,” according to ICON announcement post.

ICONex wallet experienced one of the critical updates in May that will affect the voting system. The new feature is aimed at reducing vote stagnancy and vote centralization in ICON. The developer team will observe the changes that will happen because of this new feature on the governance system.

“Also, we added the step limit auto adjustment function to solve a problem in the mobile version of ICONex. Now, if you want to send a transaction to SCORE, the step limit to call the SCORE will be automatically adjusted,” added ICON.

ICON Foundation recently published a blog post focusing on commission rates as tools toward sustainable economics. ICON Tracker will soon get new features based on commission rates, so the foundation shows moving toward concepts in action. ICON Tracker will soon show Suggested Commission Rate by each P-Rep and a Global Commission Rate from all P-Reps.

After all, ICON Foundation believes the release of BTP was the most critical milestone for the project in May. It is a standard interface for interoperability contracts. This will pave the way for more cross-chain application in ICON. The ICON project insisted on this feature from the whitepaper phase and tried to make it more convenient for developers.

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