ICE Token, the new jewel of the market, announced that it has completed the first phase of distribution

Ice Token Integrates into OKX: A Strategic Advancement Towards the Decentralized Future
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In an exciting milestone for Ice Token enthusiasts, the ICE coin is set to list on the renowned OKX exchange, marking a key turning point in the path of this project.

Spot listing is scheduled for January 19, 2024, at 10:00 AM UTC, in what is expected to be a momentous event that will drive recognition, liquidity, and widespread adoption of ICE.

The integration of ICE into OKX represents a strategic partnership with the Ice Open Network (ION), a blockchain solution known for its advanced multi-threaded and multi-shard architecture that allows it to handle millions of transactions per second.

OKX thus becomes the first exchange platform to incorporate ICE in its cash market, reinforcing its commitment to technological innovation.

According to the official statement from Ice Token, the ICE coin distribution process was carried out in a fair and equitable manner.

The first distribution of ICE Token took place this past January 17, 2024

To participate in the distribution, users had to meet specific requirements, such as maintaining a minimum balance of 1,000 ICE, completing two-step KYC verification, establishing a BNB Smart Chain address, and participating in an active mining session.

Emphasis was placed on users linking their OKX BNB Smart Chain addresses to facilitate transactions and avoid unnecessary gas costs, demonstrating Ice Token’s attention to user experience.

In addition to these developments, Ice Token has implemented two new distribution funds, the Treasury Fund and the Ecosystem Innovation and Growth Fund, aimed at strengthening the vitality of its ecosystem.

This commitment to sustainable development demonstrates Ice Token’s long-term vision.

ICE Token, the new jewel of the market, announced that it has completed the first phase of distribution

Ice’s entry into OKX is not just a listing; It is a crucial milestone in the evolution of the project.

The alliance with OKX, recognized for its security and wide variety of trading pairs, promises to increase ICE’s exposure and liquidity.

With sincere gratitude for the unconditional support, Ice Token looks forward to the future with enthusiasm, highlighting that this step is just the beginning of limitless opportunities on its journey towards continued success.

Ice Token and OKX have forged a strategic partnership that promises to propel the ICE coin to new heights in the exciting world of cryptocurrencies.


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