Hurify, the Internet of Things and its blockchain platform

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In these times things are connected more than ever thanks to the interaction by the internet and the possibilities that through solutions applied to devices of daily use are given today. This is what is known as the Internet of Things (IoT), where our entire network of physical devices connect with each other and exchange data to make our lives easier and more efficient. One of the companies working at the leadership of the IoT space is Hurify, and we will talk about it on this post.

Hurify is a decentralized platform based on Ethereum designed to help developers and customers to join in a win-win situation to monetize their technologies and services. Hurify will allow customers looking to build IoT solutions and services to easily find the right developers to work on the project by allowing them to interact with each other.

The relationship between developers and customers will be direct in Hurify, without the need for intermediaries. The platform will work in a friendly and simple way for users. When a client needs something to develop or build, they can send a request on the platform and start looking for the right developer to work with.

The developers on the other hand will be able to create their profiles in which they will highlight their specialties and achievements. Once the client and developer have agreed on an association to carry out a project, Hurify’s intelligent contracts will guarantee fair conditions between the parties, preventing anyone from taking advantage of the other party. The intention is to create a healthy market for customers and IoT developers to do everything when it comes to generating an idea and carrying it out. All the interaction with the security and transparency of smart contracts.

The Hurify team is led by professionals with decades of experience in the field of technology and information technology, and more recently in the development of IoT, blockchain and more.

Hurify will carry out its ICO after a successful pre-sale, starting on of February 1st, 2018, and the sale of the token – HUR – will last until February 28, 2018. The price for HUR is 5000 HUR tokens for each ether. There will be almost 275 million HUR in circulation during the sale of tokens. Canadian residents are not legally allowed to participate in the Hurify Project Crowdsale.

As for future plans and developments for the Hurify platform, you can review on their website where they explain a lot about it and 2018 seems to be a great year for them as they try to achieve their goal of creating the good win-win paradigm among customers of IoT and the developers that help bring their plans and ideas to reality through the platform.

To know more details about this platform, you can check their White paper. Similarly to get  updates, you can also follow their channel on Telegram.


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