Huge Moment for NFTs: Beeple Sells “Human One” Artwork for $29M

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Another record broke in the NFT world. An artwork named “Human One” by “Beeple” was sold for $28.9M USD. This big sale happened in the “Christie’s 21st Century Evening Sale,” showing a big sign of growth for the NFT industry growing inside the traditional world of art.

The most important fact is that an NFT is sold inside a traditional auction art house which is among the top in the world. Regardless of the price, it shows the big potential for digital artists to find their places in the art world.

NFT Helping Digital Artists

We have read many headlines about NFTs being sold for jaw-dropping prices. Many of them were arts with a considerable story and community support. Those big sales resulted in considerable confidence for digital artists to offer their productions as NFTs. It also attracted many collectors to the digital world. All of them result in more trust in the NFT industry and flow more money to the digital art sector.

The latest news in the NFT world is very important. A digital art piece is sold in Cristie’s sale for a million-dollar price tag. Famous digital artist, Beeple had a big sale for $28.9M USD. His “Human One” NFT was sold for that price. This NFT shows a human walking inside a bog with weather and seasons changing in the background.

Some years ago, you couldn’t easily price digital arts. Many of them were stolen and used without obeying the copyright regulations. Besides, artists didn’t have enough resources and means to protect their arts or earn from them. They should change their career and work for others, and almost no one could be an independent digital artist. Independent artists are those who create pieces of art and make money by selling them. It’s a common state in the traditional world of art that pieces are sold in the physical form. But in the digital form, it was somehow impossible.

Because of the blockchain innovations and NFTs, today, we seem nay digital artists make money from their productions. Although there are still many steps ahead for maturing this sector, many of them are making good money by selling NFTs. Beeple (or Mike Winkelmann) is one of them. He describes himself:

“he makes a variety of art crap across a variety of media. Some of it is ok, but a lot of it kind of blows ass. he’s working on making it suck less every day, though, so bear with him… :)”

Beeple has a collection named “Everydays” and sells various digital arts that are painted and posted online in one day. This collection has been one of the big reasons for making him famous.


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