HTC Exodus integrates Get Crypto, the Stellar-based Nodle IoT application

HTC Exodus integrates Get Crypto, the Stellar-based Nodle IoT application

Users of the HTC Exodus 1 blockchain phone will soon have the option to earn cryptocurrency while using their phones thanks to a partnership between HTC’s Exodus team and Nodle, a connectivity provider for the Internet of Things.

Nodle has recently launched its Nodle, Get Crypto app which will exclusively be used on the Exodus devices that will reward Exodus users if they chose to participate in the Nodle Network. Participants will be rewarded in NODL tokens, a native cryptocurrency for the Nodle Network based on the robust Stellar blockchain. According to Nodle, their app “connects and collects data from IoT devices like environmental sensors, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags, cars, bikes, and scooters.”

To use the app, all one will need is the smartphone and the pre-installed Nodle, Get Crypto app. There is no special equipment necessary to participate nor as participants required to possess any technical skills or knowledge. Nodle states that its network “has been built to empower individuals and create atomistic competition.”

Micha Benoliel, Nodle co-founder says that,

“Any individual can be directly rewarded for the work performed using their smartphones resources. This is made possible using the Stellar blockchain and HTC Exodus secure hardware module on the phone and the Zion Wallet.”

The Nodle, Get Crypto App will integrate directly with the Exodus wallet Zion thanks to a shared platform based on the Stellar protocol. Benoliel commented on the seamless integration saying that,

“Stellar enables us to deploy complex smart contracts with simple atomic operations, providing an efficient payment platform that is interoperable with the traditional fiat world. That makes it a perfect fit for Nodle.”

The Nodle, Get Crypto App

Phil Chen, the Decentralized Chief Officer at HTC Exodus is particularly excited about this partnership as the partnership brings with it a sense of exclusivity to the already exclusive phone, a feature that will surely attract a wider audience. He said:

“Nodle offers Exodus users cryptocurrency in exchange for moving IoT and sensors data. There is no other app on the market that allows users to easily earn cryptocurrency in exchange for connectivity. The provision of the Nodle, Get Crypto app on an HTC Exodus device ultimately empowers individuals and takes us closer to realize our vision to rebuild the internet in favor of end users.”

The phone will ship pre-installed with the Nodle, Get Crypto app. As part of the partnership, NODL coins will be stored on the Zion app as Nodle will not be required to create their own wallet.