How To Understand Wagering Contributions When It Comes To Bonuses

How To Understand Wagering Contributions When It Comes To Bonuses

You’ve just gotten that big bonus, and you’re excited to claim it. Unfortunately, a wagering condition stands between you and your freebies. This is particularly frustrating, especially when you’re a new punter looking to make the best out of casino bonuses.

So, what are these wagering conditions? How do they affect your bonus offers, and what can you do to beat them? Learn all these and more as you read further.

What are Wagering Conditions?

Wagering conditions are the terms and conditions you must meet before converting your bonus to real cash. These requirements are the amount of money you must wager on the casino before requesting withdrawals.

Wagering conditions usually apply to bonuses, and they vary from one gambling platform to another. In some cases, you might have time limits attached to these conditions.

How To Determine Your Wagering Requirement

You don’t have to be a math genius to determine your wagering requirement. There is a simple method you can follow when calculating these conditions:

For instance, you deposit $20 and receive a matched deposit of $20 with a 30x wagering requirement. You would have to multiply the bonus by the wagering number. Therefore, you’ll have $20 x 30= $600.

In some casinos, you might encounter a sticky bonus. Here, your original deposit will become part of the calculation.

The formula becomes (Bonus Money + First deposit) x wagering requirement = Total bet.

With the initial deposit, you have (20+20) x 30 equals $1200.

While this amount might seem huge, they’re not impossible to meet. You can use this bonus money to make wagers. If you’re playing a game you love, you’ll find it easy to meet these conditions within the time frame.

Factors To Keep In Mind About Bonus Wagering Conditions

Wagering conditions apply to most casino bonuses, but there are other factors to keep in mind. These are:

Time Limits

It’s critical to remember that your bonus money becomes void if you don’t meet the wagering requirements within the time limit. The time limits vary widely between casinos – some let you only a week while others allow you a whole month.

Maximum Cap Wins

Beating wagering requirements is one thing; there are also maximum amounts for withdrawing casino bonuses. You might have made $1000 while betting with your bonus amount. However, when it comes to withdrawing, you realize you can only take out $500.

As a result, it’s best to read the terms and conditions of your bonuses before claiming. Here, you’ll find a maximum amount you can cash out after meeting wagering requirements.

How to Meet and Surpass Your Wagering Conditions

Understanding the complexities of how wagering requirements work is essential to meeting your wagering conditions. Here are other things that can help you to fulfill your wagering requirements.

Read the Terms and Conditions

When you receive a promotional offer, read the fine print carefully to make sure you understand what you’re signing up for. These will tell you all the strings linked to the bonus offer, including the wagering requirements and how to meet them.

To be eligible for a bonus, you’ll usually have to make a deposit first. Most times, you might have to deposit a certain amount using a specific payment method. Most of these are stipulated in the terms and conditions page of the casino site.

Select The Best Online Casinos

It’s possible to find casinos with wagering requirements of up to 50X, while some require less than 30X. In some cases, casinos will limit the amount of bonus wins you can withdraw.

Therefore, it’s best to do your research before settling for a gambling platform. Ensure that the casino you choose has good bonus terms and a high reputation among gamers before you sign up. Customer service should be easy to reach if you run into any issues with your bonus.

Select the Right Games

Different games contribute varying percentages of your bet toward meeting the requirements. Sometimes, some games might not contribute to beating your requirements at all.

Therefore, you should determine which games qualify and how much of your wager they contribute. Afterward, play the games that provide the most value and help you meet these requirements in the specified amount of time.

For instance, online slots frequently contribute 100% of your wager toward meeting the requirements. On the other hand, table and card games may provide only 50% or even less. You’ll find that if you opt to play the slots, you’ll meet your requirements faster.

While slots might assist you in meeting your wagering needs more quickly, not all Slots are equal. It’s critical to watch your games’ volatility and return to player percentage.

Games with a lower RTP have a higher variance. They don’t pay out frequently, but the payouts are greater when they do. You can begin with games if you’re attempting to meet wagering requirements.

This will provide you the opportunity to expand your bankroll in a short amount of time.

Once your bankroll has increased, take it easy and play low-variance games. These will have a high RTP, which means they will pay out smaller sums more frequently. They are a safer wager because they don’t quickly deplete your bankroll if there are losses.

Forfeit the Bonus

Want to avoid wagering requirements? You may decide to forego the bonus entirely. Occasionally, casinos will make the option available, but you may need to communicate with customer service to reject the bonus.

Play at Casinos with No-Wagering Requirements

Additionally, you might find an online casino that does not involve wagering requirements. These no-wager casinos are gaining popularity because their bonuses have fewer restrictions. However, you won’t find massive amounts of free cash.

They also offer free spins like regular online casinos. Though you must deposit, you don’t have to gamble your winnings a certain number of times before you can withdraw them.


Now that you know what wagering conditions are, you can select the best bonus offers to claim. Always ensure that these free offers have limits or conditions that are favorable to you.

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