How to spend bitcoins and what they are for

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Bitcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology. Many have heard of it and even used it, but not everyone knows how and for what “digital gold” can be used.

Where to begin?

Step 1. First, set up a wallet to safely store your bitcoin. It is unsafe to store cryptocurrency on exchanges, since users do not own the private key from the cryptocurrency wallet.

Step 2. Buy some bitcoins. The easiest and fastest way to do this is by using exchangers like Wallbitex. You do not need to study commissions, perform many operations and understand how orders work. All you need to do is select currencies, enter the amount and make the payment.

Why Wallbitex?

Wallbitex is an international platform for buying cryptocurrencies. Users can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and USDT for USD and EUR. Here are the statistics confirming why many users choose Wallbitex to buy digital assets:

  • Over 31 000 users signed up to Wallbitex in a year;
  • This cryptocurrency exchange is available in over 166 countries;
  • Buying bitcoins for fiat currencies by bank transfer or credit card is available;
  • This is a fast and reliable exchange with the highest security standards.

How to use bitcoins

Method 1: as an investment asset. Store cryptocurrency in your wallet and sell it if it rises in value. The difference between the rates will constitute your profit.

Method 2: as a medium of exchange. Exchange bitcoins for altcoins that can show growth. Many traders trade in pairs with BTC, increasing the number of deposited coins.

Method 3. Buy goods and pay for services. Some merchants and retailers accept bitcoins for payment. For example, you can buy coffee from Starbucks with BTC or an app from the Xbox Store.

Method 4. Make money with bitcoins. You can lend bitcoin or open a deposit, passively earning interest, and thereby increase the income from investments in BTC.


Use Bitcoin as you see fit, and Wallbitex will help you buy cryptocurrency profitably in three easy steps.

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