How to Have Fun with NFTs and Maybe Make a Little Money Too!

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Doesn’t it seem as though the world in which we are living has changed radically since those pre-pandemic days many of us can’t even seem to remember? What was life really like before when we were able to go out and about without counting the number of people wearing masks and painter’s tape queue markings on the floor in bank lines for ‘safe distancing.’ Yes, they are still there because of all those variants are still running rampant. But what was life really like when we could say we had a social life apart from Facebook or Twitter?

Although we are probably still spending way more time online than we should, the good news is that we’ve found a new pastime that is much more fulfilling than social media and that would be creating those digital art NFTs that can also be listed for sale! Yes, it’s a totally new world but one with infinitely more possibilities. Have you discovered how to create NFTs for fun, and maybe to make a little money with at the same time? If not, here’s what that is all about.

The Joy of Expressing Your Artistic Side

You can use just about any graphics program you want when creating these digital art files that you want to authenticate with blockchain technology. By creating them in the blockchain as an NFT, you are owning the art that cannot be edited, stolen or hacked. You can sell them on an NFT marketplace and some, like, even have a software platform that lets you create them as NFTs.

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Uses for NFT Art

Just take a look around the various NFTs and you will see that many are perfect for use in many of today’s games. Imagine how much fun it is to create new characters, new weapons and new assets for your favorite games. These can be sold, in game, many times but they can also be listed within an NFT marketplace and that’s where the next bit of fun comes in! This is where you could stand to make a good bit of money by selling ownership of those NFTs.

What Are NFTs Worth?

What are they worth? Well, here is where we borrow that old adage, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”. It all depends on what someone is willing to pay for them. You have at least two ways of going about selling your cherished artwork that you had so much fun creating. You can list them on an NFT marketplace like that mentioned above or you can add them to an auction where the sky is the limit.

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up – But There’s This

If someone likes your creations enough, you could soon be racking up a six or seven digit income! The sky is the limit in some cases. One NFT auctioned off at over $69 million in 2021, so the money is there. Now can you cash in on it? That probably depends. How good is your art – and we’ll leave all you happy artists at it. Now, isn’t this fun?