How To Be A Digital Nomad In South Africa

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South African economy has a lot to do with tourism, meaning it earns quite a lot from the tourism sector. But the Pandemic literally stagnated business. In response to this, the government has decided to give 90 days allowance for tourist visas. This offers people, mainly the digital nomads, find their abode amidst the lush green mountains and the blue ocean.

Are you, too, nourishing your dream of becoming a digital nomad in South Africa? Then, this might be a golden opportunity for you. Kindly read the article as we discuss the different ways through which you could be a digital nomad in South Africa.

Why South Africa? 

If you choose to be a digital nomad in South Africa, people might ask you, Why South Africa? There are reasons galore.

South Africa is a multicultural country. Therefore the people, culture, and policies are designed to serve multiculturalism.

You have the safari, beaches, cities, the Indian and Atlantic oceans, the national parks. Everything is waiting for you.

-Cost of living?

To live in South Africa, you don’t need to spend like in Europe and America. South Africa is reliable, and the cost of living is not that high. All in all, you are getting a kind of Cosmopolitanism, top-quality infrastructure, facilities, and nature’s bounty- all within the budget. So get a digital nomad Visa for South Africa now.

Fiat Money
Fiat Money

Requirements For South African  Digital Nomad Visa

If you are applying for a South African digital Visa, you need to procure some of the requirements:

Firstly you need to procure a three-month or 90-day visa on Arrival. Thereafter you need to start the hotel and accommodation booking at different places where you plan to stay. Health insurance could be extremely vital, especially for a digital nomad. There are companies that offer visas to digital nomads.

If you find a problem with the payments, you might think of Cryptocurrency as the mode of payment. There are certain benefits that you have with Cryptocurrency. If you are new to Cryptocurrency, you might take the help of the bitcoin method app, a software that can facilitate cryptocurrency trading.

Other than this, you need to procure proof of employment and proof of income. Again, this is a must-required thing for you if you are applying for a visa.

How To Apply For A Digital Nomad In South Africa? 

To procure a tourist visa, you need to follow certain procedures. There are some steps that you need to follow to get there.

1. Prepare Your Document You Need 

Firstly, you need to procure the list of documents that you need to submit to get a South African Digital Nomad Visa. So start preparing the documents beforehand so that you can manage things quickly within the time.

2. Appointment With The South African Embassy

You must search for the nearest South African consulate abroad. You could also find some Office of home affairs of South Africa and make an appointment there.

3. Applications At The Embassy

Once you get to the South African embassy, you need to write an application there. Be up-to-date with your papers and important documents. Yes, reach the office on time and ensure that you don’t miss the appointment.  Make sure that you fill out the application without faults because things might get delayed.

4. Pay The Fees 

The cost of a Visa still needs to be finalized, but you need to pay the fees. The cost of a Visa varies from time to time. But you will get them on the website of the authorities that provide the visa. Therefore, you need to be mindful of the cost.

5. Waiting For The Approval 

After you submit the applications and all the required documents, wait for the approvals. The authorities will inform you via mail. The South African government follows a system with Visa approvals. You are going to get your opportunity of becoming a guest in South Africa. So wait for your turn.

South Africa Calling!

South Africa’s tourism department needs digital nomads, and they will do all so that you get an opportunity in time.

You need to be sure that you provide all the requisites that fetch you the much-awaited approval. So have a nice time ahead in South Africa as a digital nomad.

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