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How Crypto Currencies Are Breaking Into The Mainstream

Financial markets have changed considerably in recent years, predominantly driven by emerging technologies and, in particular, the rise of the internet. Of all money markets, crypto currency (often shortened to cryptocurrency) is the most novel and has generated considerable attention in recent years due to the massive profits that can be made by investors.

How the internet has changed money market trading

Of course, there is nothing particularly new in the idea of trading currencies against one another. Money markets have existed for centuries – although modern Forex and currency trading as we know it is relatively new and came to be in the early 70s.

However, as with most walks of life, the internet has had a transformative effect on trading, effectively opening up markets to the masses and allowing investors, big and small, equal opportunities to trade online. Skilled internet brokers that monitor forex trading signals, such as altsignals.io allow even small-time investors to take calculated risks, vastly minimizing the potential for losses and, in turn, gaining from expert inside knowledge to capitalize and make the greatest profits.

The rise of cryptocurrencies

Perhaps the most exciting area of modern online investment lies in the emerging crypto markets – but just what is a cryptocurrency? At its heart, cryptocurrency is a form of online currency that can be exchanged – just like real money – for goods and services. Many companies have issued their own cryptocurrencies which can be traded for the products or services they provide. In many ways, crypto is similar to casino chips where the user exchanges real money in order to play – but, in this case, rather than playing, the buyer will use these tokens to make a purchase.

Just as with other currency exchange markets, the value of these chips can fluctuate and become worth more or less against other similar ‘chips’. The whole system of cryptocurrency is driven by blockchain technology – a decentralized system that effectively records and monitors every transaction across computers spread around the world.

How many cryptocurrencies exist?

It is estimated there are now more than 6,700 cryptocurrencies being traded globally. Of these, Bitcoin is by far the most famous and most valuable (recently estimated at just short of $970 billion). In total, the value of all crypto money is considered to be around $1.6 trillion – and growing.

The attraction of cryptocurrencies to investors

Cryptocurrencies have many things in their favor – despite the fact that some skeptical investors are keen to point out their volatility. Nonetheless, this new form of currency shows no signs of decreasing in popularity, for several reasons:

Many investors see crypto as the currency of the future: A sizeable percentage of investors consider crypto to be the most viable, long-term alternative to traditional currencies – and are consequently racing to get in early before it increases in value.

Crypto is independent of central banks: Another reason crypto is gaining in popularity is the fact it operates independently of central banks which tend to devalue currencies through inflation.

Blockchain technology is more secure: By default, blockchain tech is a decentralized technology which many investors consider more secure and reliable.

No matter what the reason, there is little doubt cryptocurrencies are here to stay and have most definitely made their mark on global financial markets.

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