Here’s how Ripple is expanding its footprint in Asia Pacific

Here's how Ripple is expanding its footprint in Asia Pacific
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Ripple is partnering with another company in Singapore to expand its services for cross-border payments in the Asia Pacific. The new partnership is aimed at expanding RippleNet’s footprint in the region by offering the fundamental infrastructures for cross-border payments for banks.

Ripple had a plan to acquire a 40% stake in Tranglo company, and the new partnership follows that intention. The first country to receive the results of the new partnership in the Philippines, and new corridors will be launched after that.

Providing the Structure for Cross-Border Payments

There are many opportunities in the Asia Pacific area for companies that are solving payment challenges. Cross-border payments are among the essential needs of banks and citizens in that region because many of the people work abroad and help their companies by sending money from other countries.

Ripple is among the most active blockchain companies that have a considerable focus on this area. The RippleNet solution has helped many big banks launch corridors for cross-border payments, and the new partnership with the Tranglo company is aimed to expand these services.

Tranglo will launch its first live On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) service on RippleNet in the Philippines in six months as the first result of the partnership with Ripple. More corridors will be introduced in the coming months. The Philippines is a very good target region for this partnership because this country is the third-largest remittance-receiving country in Asia.

Tranglo is among the best companies in East Asia, helping cross-border payments for citizens. It has supported existing RippleNet corridors in the Asia Pacific before. Companies like BKK Forex, DeeMoney, and Siam Commercial Bank use Tranglo services. These new connections help the company process more currencies in the region.

Ripple execs believe the Singapore company can help them very well in expanding footprints in the Asia Pacific region. Brooks Entwistle, Managing Director of RippleNet in APAC and MENA, said:

“The strong traction with Tranglo in the past 6 months alone is testament to how we’re executing well on our shared mission to transform the cross-border payments experience in Asia Pacific, a region which is often tricky to navigate. Tranglo’s in-depth regional experience has been extremely instrumental in expanding RippleNet in Asia Pacific, and I’m excited to see us further collaborate to scale our partnership to new heights.”

New partners using the RippleNet solution for payments means more customers for Ripple. It always has been a great goal for the company, and it seems to be working based on numerous partnerships. All of these incidents can help the XRP coin, too, by increasing the demand.


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