Helium (HNT) Soars After Partnering With Major Company

Helium (HNT) Soars After Key Collaboration in the Telecom World
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Telecommunications giant Telefónica has announced a strategic collaboration with Helium to implement mobile access points in Mexico, specifically in Mexico City and Oaxaca.

In partnership with Nova Labs, built on the Helium blockchain, Telefónica seeks to improve mobile coverage through data sharing.

The initiative will allow Telefónica customers to take advantage of Helium’s mobile access points, thus contributing to the expansion and improvement of the mobile network.

With a market capitalization of more than $20 billion and 383 million customers in Europe and Latin America, Telefónica is positioned as a key player in this cutting-edge initiative.

The pilot program in Mexico, especially in Mexico City and Oaxaca, aims to evaluate the performance, customer satisfaction and costs associated with this innovative solution, according to José Juan Haro, Chief Wholesale and Public Affairs Officer at Telefónica.

The company seeks to explore lower-cost cooperative solutions to expand coverage, highlighting the strategic importance of this project.

Helium (HNT) Increases its Value After Strategic Collaboration with Telefónica

According to data from CoinMarketCap, the Helium token (HNT) has seen a remarkable increase of 9.28% in the last 24 hours, reaching a current value of $6.55.

This increase reflects strong near-term performance, indicating positive interest and bullish momentum in the cryptocurrency market.

In 2021, Helium partnered with internet giant Dish, deploying nearly one million access points in 65,000 cities and 170 countries.

The collaboration seeks to facilitate data transfer to the Helium Mobile Network

This innovative approach has the potential to optimize the mobile network for Telefónica customers, highlighting the company’s commitment to solutions that reduce costs and improve service quality.

The implementation is based on Helium block technology, managed by a proprietary control system developed by Telefónica.

This system guarantees client authentication and controls access to the Helium Mobile network in a secure and controlled manner.

The strategic partnership between Telefónica, Helium and Nova Labs represents a significant step towards improving mobile coverage in Mexico.

With a critical evaluation of performance and customer satisfaction, this pilot project could pave the way for similar solutions in other regions.

The adoption of innovative technologies, supported by blockchain, demonstrates Telefónica’s commitment to the continuous evolution of its services to meet the growing demands for connectivity in the digital age.


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