Hedera Hashgraph Holds its Virtual Hackathon, Hedera 20 on May 1st

Hedera Hashgraph Holds its Virtual Hackathon, Hedera 20 on May 1st

Hedera Hashgraph decided to hold its second world hackathon online because of the coronavirus crisis and the lockdown policy around the world. Team registration started on April 2nd and will continue until June 11th.

The virtual hackathon will be held from May 1st until June 12th and is named Hedera 20. The company invites all developers with various expertise levels to participate in the upcoming hackathon.

“We are excited to announce our virtual #hackathon, #Hedera20. Whether you’re learning from scratch or putting your skills to the test, grab your friends and colleagues, as sign up starts today!” Hedera Hashgraph tweeted.

Hedera Hashgraph’s first hackathon held in the fall of 2018 named Hedera 18. Hedera network was in its early days during that 3-day hackathon, and attendees try their development skills using the new APIs of the Hedera Hashgraph. Now and in 2020, the Hedera mainnet is alive and has processed more than 75 million transactions to date.


Besides, there are more document and learning tools available for users interested in this blockchain. Now the competitors are surely more professional, and the underlying blockchain is also more ready to accept and run applications. Anyway, the most prominent different aspect of the 2020 hackathon is the global situation amid the COVID-19 pandemic that forces the team to hold the event virtually.

Interested teams with up to 5 members can sign up for the upcoming Hedera Hashgraph hackathon. The prize pools consist of $20,000 for the first, $10,000 for the second, and $5,000 for the third team, all of which will be paid in HBAR. Besides, there will be support for the MouseBelt accelerator program for the winning team in ACCELERATOR CHALLENGE, which is supported by MouseBelt.

The teams attending Hedera’s hackathon can compete on various challenges. SOCIAL GOOD CHALLENGE, DRAGONGLASS CHALLENGE, and HASHING SYSTEMS CHALLENGE are three main competing projects. More challenges will be added soon before May 1st. The final pitch event holds on June 23rd, and judges from IBM Blockchain, Hedera Hashgraph, and Tata communication will decide the winner teams.