Hacken Partners With Chainlink to Provide Its Security Audit Data For DeFi Developers

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Hacken announced a forthcoming Chainlink integration that will make it possible for them to provide security audit data available on-chain for DeFi developers. The data covers security stats about smart contracts, DeFi projects, and cryptocurrency exchanges.

The underlying security of critical components in the blockchain community is very important for players and they can access this valuable data through Chainlink after the integration.

Providing Security Data Through Oracles

Every smart contract developer needs access to on-chain or off-chain data to design the trigger mechanism of their application. Oracles are the main solution for this need, and Chainlink is one of the leading providers of decentralized oracles. Security data is very important for developers, too. They can now access to data about audited services and components from Hacken database through Chainlink’s oracle.

When security data becomes accessible to more developers and firms, it will gradually become a standard in the industry.

“Bringing security data on-chain is advantageous for the entire blockchain industry because it creates more security for users and serves as a form of reputation that infrastructure providers must adhere to in order to gain market share. Integrating Chainlink allows this data to be made available across all the various chains in a reliable and transparent manner, upholding the guarantees users expect when interacting with blockchain technology,” said Dyma Budorin, CEO and Founder of Hacken.

DeFi is becoming the major product of blockchain, and the number of regular users in this ecosystem grows very fast. Many of these users don’t have enough information about security fundamentals. Furthermore, accessing real-time data about the security of a DeFi or exchange is hard. Hacken tries to provide this kind of data and grows its reach by integrating Chainlink.

CER is Hacken’s security data product. It provides security data for centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. After working with many big players in the industry, CER will now be available for smart contracts and more dApps developers. Dan Kochis, Head of Chainlink Business Development, said,

“We’re excited to make Hacken’s data available to blockchain ecosystems via secure and reliable Chainlink oracles. Hacken’s security data will help shine a light on the security infrastructure underpinning most of DeFi and centralized exchanges, creating a safer user experience for everyone.”

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