GTCoin: cryptocurrency for gamers and testers

The people of Game Tester have been polishing their strategies to bring us their cryptocurrency, the GTCoin, a coin for gamers and testers that will give a lot of talk in the world of global gaming. Game Tester explains to its users that the GTCoin has a real monetary value, so you can use it to buy games and hardware or you can withdraw extra money. And about this we will talk here.

Game Tester is a platform that brings together players and developers to make better games and for mutual benefit. Test all game platforms to refine the published content and increase the immersive quality in the gaming experience summarizes what it is.

Game Tester is always looking for game testers. They help developers find the answers to the problems within their games. They bring together the player and the developer to sit down on a platform and understand what can be improved in their game, how the changes will make it better and in the end, help them to offer a stable and positively reviewed game and where the tester can say “I contributed to the success of that game. “

Game Tester is a platform where developers interact with the community and ask difficult questions to find the hard truths about their games.

“Do you think this game is worth $ 50?”

“Would you recommend it to your friends?”

“Do you think we can do a better job?”

There are thousands of errors in the games that developers ignore and these errors affect the enjoyment of the players and the likelihood of giving a positive review or reference. Game Tester helps bring facts to developers in measurable data that can be acted on. In exchange for your comments, you will be awarded points that you can spend in the store to obtain gaming equipment such as top-level hardware, peripherals and other game titles, as well as a large selection of coupons and prepaid cards.

About GTCoin

GTCoin is designed for players to buy game titles, hardware and game content. Players are recognized as the first to adopt technology and cryptocurrency is no exception. And best of all, players can earn GTCoins by simply testing games when they register on

Players often carry out international transactions and cryptocurrency is the most effective means of currency trading without the ridiculous costs or delays in currency exchange.

GTCoin will be the unit of cryptographic currency, used mainly for transactions within the operations of the Game Tester website as a symbolic reward and as a means of hardware and software exchange.

Game Tester Platform offers benefits for players and developers. Players can earn for their time and comments, while developers can use the platform to reach a mass audience quickly and cost-effectively.

Now they are in their pre ICO round until January 7, 2018. For more information about their ICO, you can visit the ICO website.