Galxe Introduces Boba Network to its Ecosystem

Galxe Welcomes Boba Network to its Ecosystem
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Just recently, Galxe joined hands with the Boba network and launched the Boba Voyage. The Boba Voyage campaign would take users on a journey across different layer 1 blockchains. This includes Boba layer 2 instances as well. Users would have the opportunity of browsing games, NFTs, a wide variety of dApps, and even explore DeFi.

Furthermore, users will even be rewarded with certain NFTs. The reward would be granted on the basis of exploring and interacting with a series of dApps. However, that is not all though. Rewards will also be provided after completing tasks on the blockchain. It is worth mentioning that Galxe stated that participation in projects as tasks would initiate in the coming weeks. Similarly, users would be rewarded based on completing tasks required by individual projects.

Galxe and Boba Network Launch Boba Voyage

Boba Voyage is not bound to last for an indefinite amount of time. Keeping that in mind, the campaign is expected to last for the course of 12 weeks. Similarly, there is also a concept of earning a series of additional awards. This will be done via the completion of a minimum quest in each cohort through the Boba Special Quest.

Similarly, a user will be offered a taste of Boba for free by bridging tokens using the Boba Native Bridge. On the other hand, the Boba Network is responsible for the execution and delivery of high levels of security. Apart from that, the swift withdrawal system would allow a user to remove all funds almost immediately.

Galxe Welcomes Boba Network to its Ecosystem

Galxe also mentioned that a user would enter a final prize pool of approximately $200,000 after collecting a certain number of NFTs. The prize pool includes Boba tokens, digital collectibles, and many more. Collecting 5-7 NFTs would grant a user almost 20% share of the prize pool. Collectors of 8-10 NFTs would enjoy 30% of the share. Finally, completion of 11-13 tasks would also grant a user the remaining 50%.

Galxe plays a considerable role in helping developers when it comes to building better products and communities. GAL is classified as the network’s governance token. Similarly, the features are both easy to use and dynamic. Apart from that, Galxe integrates with both layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains in Web3. Over the course of time, the network has even played a considerable role in helping over 1400 projects. Such help inevitably helped these projects connect with diverse and cross-chain communities.


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