Galxe Shared an Overview of a Successful 2022

Galxe Shared an Overview of a Successful 2022
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Since its introduction in 2021, Galxe has grown considerably. In 2022, the firm simply didn’t let anything stop it on its way to success. The Galxe Project started out small but has now developed into a proper ecosystem. Approximately 1000+ campaigns have been launched on the ecosystem with more than 1500 partners over 13 major blockchains. With time, and with the completion of numerous projects, Galxe has established a name for itself. Similarly, the firm has proven itself to be a pioneer of the credential network.

Last year, Galxe introduced the On-Chain Achievement Tokens (OAT). There were considered to be a gas-free and perfectly lightweight solution for web3 projects. These are also digital collectibles that were made available on the BNB Chain, and Polygon. As time has passed, these OATs have become almost everyone’s favorite. Keeping in mind how poor the situation became in the crypto market, the total monthly active users of Galxe on Polygon jumped up to 450k in September. The number jumped to 500k on the BNB Chain in October.

Similarly, in February 2022, Galxe launched its native token GAL. Currently, it is just simply a governance token, but it is bound to run on the ecosystem any time soon. As of now, the community is diligently working to add considerable utility to the ecosystem. However, by the end of 2022, Galxe achieved 2nd place in social dApps and the top 5 of all dApps.

Galxe Shared an Overview of a Successful 2022

Galxe Continued Making Moves

Throughout 2022, Galxe continued with major initiatives in collaboration with a number of layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains. This was done in an effort to introduce a great number of users to Web3. Furthermore, the firm even launched an onboarding campaign that allowed users to experience the firm’s ecosystem. Apart from that, these participants even had the ease of minting an entirely free OAT token by following 2 simple steps. The event ended up becoming a major success.

Apart from the introduction of campaigns, Galxe even partnered with numerous firms like Aptos, Moonbeam, Petra Wallet, etc. The main aim of this was to offer developers and users the ease of navigating. The firm stated that it never stopped working on its decentralized, on-chain credentials data network. As long as 2023 is concerned, there are still a lot of things that are planned. 


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