From Dead to Alive and Back Again? From Dead to Alive and Back Again?
Table of Contents, the decentralized social network, has been on a roller coaster ride since its launch. After a promising start, the platform was declared ‘dead’ by critics due to a significant drop in key metrics such as activity, inflows, and volume. However, in a surprising turn of events, saw a sudden surge in total value locked (TVL), doubling to reach more than $20 million within just four days.

The platform, which had a buzzy beta version launch on Coinbase’s layer-2 Base, saw its fees surpass $1 million in 24 hours, outshining Uniswap and the Bitcoin network. However, these fees soon plummeted, and transactions declined by over 90%. This led critics to declare the platform ‘dead’.

Despite this, has witnessed a significant resurgence. The platform saw $12.3 million in daily trading volume, the third-highest ever. This revival has been attributed to multiple factors. One of the reasons could be the growing number of non-crypto figures that have joined the platform, including prominent YouTubers and OnlyFans creators.

How Went From a Promising Start to a Potential Exodus From Dead to Alive and Back Again?

However, this revitalization has not been without its perils. Some users reported being victims of SIM swap attacks, with attackers successfully draining thousands of dollars worth of tokens. This has raised concerns about the security measures in place on the platform.

Colin Wu, a respected industry analyst, has suggested that the recent activity on could indicate an exodus. Data from Dune Analytics reveals that Ethereum is being removed from the platform at a faster pace than it’s being generated, as keys are being redeemed more quickly than they’re being created.

Over the weekend, the platform saw an outflow of over 5,000 ETH, marking the largest withdrawal since October 24, when 4,380 ETH was withdrawn in a single day. Furthermore, the total value locked in experienced a 21% decrease over the weekend, dropping to 17,100 ETH, equivalent to $33.6 million.

The future of remains uncertain. While some believe it will stick around until a potential token launch in the coming months, others are skeptical. The platform’s future will depend on its ability to reduce fees and increase creator revenue.


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