Forest Knight Blockchain game Integrates with Polygon

Forest Knight Blockchain game Integrates with Polygon
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Forest Knight announced a new strategic integration with Polygon to leverage faster transactions and lower fees in the game. The new integration comes with using the Polygon framework to offer better game experiences.

Besides, the $KNIGHT token will be deployed on Polygon. The smart contract of the Forest Knight game will be deployed on Pylgon, too. All of these will happen because the team behind this blockchain-based game believes Polygon can help them grow faster and offer a better user experience.

Using Polygon Expertise and Ecosystem

Polygon has one of the fastest-growing ecosystems in the industry. Many projects are launching their dApps on this network, and many others are completely migrating to Polygon. The network offers a better user experience in dApps and has a complete suite of features that help developers provide better products.

Forest Knight is the latest blockchain product to integrate with Polygon. This blockchain-based game will deploy smart contracts and tokens on Polygon and work closely with teams and the ecosystem, too.

Forest Knight game is based on strategic concepts. It’s a turn-based strategy game. The game lets players build their own teams and fight with other teams. The native token of the game is called $KNIGHT. It has many use-cases, such as being a utility token and being used as the medium of exchange between players. As a result of the latest integration, the $KNIGHT token will be deployed on the Polygon blockchain as well as the fundamental smart contracts of the game.

Forest Knight team believes launching on Polygon will provide a faster user experience for gamers. Faster transactions and lower gas fees make this game more similar to other online games. The partnership with Polygon won’t end here. Forest Knight team is considering other dApps like DeFi platforms and DEX services to be launched on Polygon.

As mentioned above, faster transactions and low gas fees are very crucial for the Forest Knight team, and they’re the reasons they chose Polygon. According to the announcement:

“Polygon offers blazing fast transaction times, ultra-low gas fees, and minimal network congestion compared to Ethereum. This is ideal for Forest Knight as it will allow players to enjoy their gameplay seamlessly, whilst still enjoying all the benefits of on-chain gaming.”

Polygon ecosystem surely benefits from the new game. When more projects join the ecosystem and bring users, it results in more usage for the network. Besides, more people will be talking about the features, and it creates a chain of incidents that finally affect the community to grow faster.

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