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We are at a times when solutions powered by blockchain technology under a tokenized scheme are gaining ground with firm step. Encompassing practically all areas, these solutions are already beginning to draw a new panorama in the global economy. In this opportunity we will talk about FlipNpik Platform, a solid blockchain response for the social media sector.

FlipNpik is defined as the first 100% Social Media collaborative network and powered by Blockchain technology, dedicated to providing local companies with greater visibility and control of their digital identity, in order to obtain a solid position at the heart of the social scene local and global.

Certainly there is a great disparity in the world of social networks, the scope is a matter of the greatest interest for the brands and the capacity of arrival of them covers practically all the spectrum of announcements in the social networks. Another of the main reasons for these inequalities in this area, is that the platforms that offer visibility are better adapted to large companies with large means and great purchasing power, in terms of costs and exposure designed for large brands, not so much for individuals or small companies that do not have the experience or the budget to stand out on these platforms in a successful and economically viable way.

The FlipNpik platform was thought as a solution to the problem described above. This platform offers companies and individuals an improved visibility generated by the participation of their local community. The participatory model is the focal point of the platform, and gives users-collaborators the opportunity to obtain rewards or remunerations for their actions. This is only possible thanks to the tokenization capability that blockchain allows.

FlipNpik will allow users of the platform to discover local businesses in their area, benefit from promotions and exclusive offers, and be able to share their discoveries with their friends, being rewarded for all this as well.

The users-collaborators have a fundamental role in the platform, and contribute to the creation of value in the same for all, improving the visibility of the companies through different actions such as adding new businesses in the application, or becoming a Partner Ambassador of the platform. As an active partner in the platform, the Ambassador user will be able to receive up to 20% of the budget allocated by the latter from the business to use the premium services offered within the FlipNpik Ecosystem.

FlipNpik devised a reward system to encourage activity in its ecosystem and retain users of the Platform: Flip Social. In exchange for their positive actions, the users-collaborators receive Flip that they can use to benefit from promotions, obtain products or simply to entertain themselves with the games available on the Platform. Ambassador Partners receive remuneration from their businesses when they actively contribute to increasing the visibility of the business within the FlipNpik ecosystem.

The native token of the platform is the FlipNpik (FNP), which will be the utility token that will serve as an exchange and remuneration currency within the ecosystem, with its advantages in development.

To know more details about this platform and be updated on its news, we recommend to follow them  at their Telegram channel.


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