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First Crypto ETF will distribute the earnings from a hard fork on the individual coins back to the portfolio!

First Crypto ETF will distribute the earnings from hard fork coins back to the portfolio. For First Crypto ETF token holders, this means that the value of the existing portfolio and hence the token itself will increase. Because the portfolio consists of ten cryptocurrencies, it is an interesting and attractive approach to increasing the value of the portfolio. The redistribution of coins from a hard fork constitutes a passive income that will be generated for the token owners.

First Crypto ETF has ten cryptocurrencies in the portfolio. It is very likely that in the coming months or years, there will be another hard fork in one of the currencies. The coins thus obtained, relative to the amount in the portfolio, will be sold and the yield redistributed to the portfolio. The sale will be under the supervision of a Big 4 auditor. The token holders will be notified of this step in advance to ensure the transparency of the process.

The distribution of profits from coins that will come to the market through a hard fork is a continuation of the plan to always ensure the best value for token holders. Just a few weeks ago we announced the planned operation of a masternode on a DASH digital asset. Thanks to this step, the revenues from the mining fees can be redistributed back to the portfolio. In combination with the distribution of coins that come to the market through a hard fork, it’s an extremely attractive way for token owners to participate in the world of digital assets across the whole spectrum.

First Crypto ETF is currently in the ICO stage, which is open to all interested parties. It brings to the market a simple and convenient way to participate in and trade digital assets through one token. To manage the portfolio, the company has built a unique technology. The transparency and composition of the portfolio will be supervised by a Big 4 auditor. The first stock exchange on which the token will be traded will be announced in the coming weeks.

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