FinLab EOS VC Fund Invests in Spielworks, the Creators of Wombat Wallet

finlab eos vc

FinLab AG announced a new investment in Spielworks as a seed financing that happened in partnership with Volksbank Mittweida eG. The two investors have been backing Spielworks from 2019. The new seed fund is reported a seven-digit investment, according to FinLab.

“Spielworks GmbH has closed a seven-digit seed financing round led by our #FinLab #EOSVCFund and Volksbank Mittweida eG! Congrats, Swen Hallasch, Adrian Krion & team,” tweeted FinLab AG.

An Investment Fund for EOS and Other Blockchain Projects

EOS VC Fund is a venture capital fund. Some of the known actors of the blockchain and financial ecosystem back this VC. Block.One is one of the supporters that invest in the fund via its investment arm, EOS VC

Block.One is the publisher of EOSIO and one of the crucial partners of EOS community. FinLab AG that announced the news about the investment is another supporter of the fund. They are one of the largest investors of Europe in financial and blockchain fields.

Spielworks works on gaming use-cases of blockchain technology. Wombat gaming platform and Chain Cash, a community and collectible game are two of their most famous products.

EOS, second layer of Ethereum

The company focuses on money-making for gamers inside gaming platforms as the next revolution in the industry. Therefore, blockchain technology plays a vital role in their infrastructure that creates the opportunity to store digital assets securely.

New investment for technology companies usually means growing the community and making new products.

“With the new investment, Spielworks will further expand the Wombat gaming platform by extensively onboarding high-quality games and adding features to support users to comfortably and securely play games, own digital assets and earn in-game cryptocurrency,” according to a press release from FinLab AG.

The Spielworks believes that new investment makes it easier to make new products in current platforms and therefore attract more users to the community. FinLab AG supported this company because of the belief in the growth and current solutions that are in the way of growing EOS community.

“As a supporter of the EOSIO ecosystem with our fund and investments, we really like the approach of Spielworks – how it enables the unique solution for users to create free EOS token accounts easily,” said Stefan Schütze, managing director of FinLab EOS VC Fund.

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