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cryptocurrency news crypto economyBitcoin, altcoins or blockchain, can bring significant changes in the crypto market, so it is very important to be informed about what is happening in the sector.

In this section you will find the latest published news from the crypto world, in addition to the weekly price analyzes of the main cryptocurrencies, Reviews and tutorials of the sector’s projects, carried out by the Crypto Economy team.

Do not stay behind and know everything that happens in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Defiance of ban

Voice of China Criticizes Cryptocurrency Exchanges Defiance of Ban

Voice of China, a government backed media outlet has criticized the continual operation of exchanges despite the ban placed on their operations by the...
South Korea

The New Regulatory Chief for South Korea Likely Going to Lift Ban

For the past few months, there have been hints that South Korea would likely lift the ban on cryptocurrencies. Although the source of the...

Liberstad: A private city with “official” support for 27 cryptocurrencies

Capitalist anarchy with support for 27 cryptocurrencies? Yes, it exists: Liberstad. In Norway, this interesting case of a city 100% free of almost everything...
ryan taylor hacked

Ryan Taylor – CEO of Dash Core Group – Hacked

Last Wednesday on May 9, the CEO of Dash Core Group, Ryan Taylor suffered a hack in his Twitter accounts, Linkedin and in the...
The ICO of Iagon is postponed for regulatory reasons of dragonchain

Iagon´s ICO is postponed due to the uncertainties of Dragonchain

It has been rumored that regulatory measures will be extended to the ICO ecosystem in 2018. This has had some impact on the market....

FlipNpik: Social media available to local businesses

We are at a times when solutions powered by blockchain technology under a tokenized scheme are gaining ground with firm step. Encompassing practically all...

MEDIA Protocol: Consumption of digital content

The tokenized platforms are one of the clearest demonstrations about what blockchain technology can do to encourage the development of the economy for the...
Virgin group warns about fraud in its name

Virgin’s CEO warns about cryptocurrency fraud sites using his name

Virgin’s CEO Richard Branson published a press release to the company’s official blog to warn about several cryptocurrency websites using his name to commit...
Kodak ICO, another target for scammers

Kodak ICO, another target for scammers

A Hong Kong based exchange LBank.io has been accused of trying to defraud investors after the exchange posted that it would sell the Kodakcoin....
fsa impone 5 nuevas reglas a los exchanges

Japan Rolls Out 5 Rules for Exchanges Operating in the Country

The Japanese regulator has announced five new rules that all exchanges in the country must comply with to continue operations. The rules will be...

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